Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Life Brings You Unexpected BS!

BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Tell whatever it is save it, because you are on a move. The unnecessary drama, dealing with that bitter boss, or whatever it is that stops you or stresses you out. We as people tend to focus on what doesn't matter in life all the time. Like what people think of us, say about us when that should be irrelevant to the human mind. How can you possibly move on in life thinking what is this person saying about me? or how does this person feels about me? SO WHAT! where does that take you? I also witnessed that on a celebrities Instagram, they never respond to the positive but always put what the negative person has to say on blast. Listen that doesn't make you look good it only shows that you have to much time on your hand to spot out what a negative "FAN" has to say. You are only giving that person the relevance they don't deserve. Positive comments should always outweigh and motivate you to continue to get more great people on your side to push you. Say if you dealing with a horrible boss and at the moment this job has blessed you in ways you can't imagine, Don't let that boss stray you away from your blessing, You asked God for a job and he gave you one, He didn't say having that job will make everything great and dandy there is a little something you're going have to deal with, let me see if you can deal with this situation with a humble heart. Don't fuss nor curse your boss out because that only shows even after your prayed and received what you prayed for, you didn't trust God to handle the little problems you're having in that work place, relationship, school or whatever challenge it is. Everything huge or even little situation in life is a test. God moves in silence we may not see what he's doing but he's working in our favor every hour, minute and second. Sometimes we lose hope, faith and patience but that's all we need to get by in life. That's my lesson learn in life and I hope it's yours. When life brings you BS ignore it, step all over it because you are trying to keep it moving with a POSITIVE mindset!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Do You Know It's Love?

How do you know it's love? when it doesn't have to be questioned. Love is something that can not be explained even if you tried to explain it. We all have our own thinking about what love is but it is unconditional and real. When a person has your attention and you can't stray from that. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out if this is it because you don't wanna be unsure when you're really sure. Sometimes we are mistaken when we fall for someone are you really in love with that person or what that person does? are you infatuated by their ways or simply them? loving someone is loving them whole, all together. When you realize you have fallen into loving that person you're falling in love with everything. I sometimes see that girls and guys fall in love with appearance before they even get to know the person so they call that love at first sight. Many don't believe in that but you know what I think? I think it's a mental thing, when you see someone attractive the first thing you think to yourself is I want that person and i'm going to get them. That isn't love, love is when you know the person in and out and love them without a care in the world. Falling in love with someone that wants the best for you, treats you as you are suppose to be treated. Usually I see that people are desperately to find love that they'll give their love to just anyone when that shouldn't even be the case. Love is patient, waiting for the right love is the best thing to do, while you're waiting your turn have fun and mingle. Forcing love is like forcing a new born to walk it's just not going to work. When you finally find your match you'll tell the big difference from forcing and letting things just happen. Love doesn't have to be forced when it's real. Love doesn't have to be advertised because when others just see you two in public the love would be obvious. This thing called love is real, I really dislike when people say *fuck love* but why Fuck it? don't let your past heartbreaks ruin the true meaning of love, that you have to bash it. Love didn't do anything, you simply let your heart love the wrong person. Remember heartbreaks are suppose to be lessons learned. Like I always say mature yourself mentally and emotionally so you when the real thing does come you wouldn't have to miss out on it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time, Faith, Patience Is All He Needs!

I may talk about faith a lot, But one thing about faith it'll take you further than you know. Time is everything,  When we die time will still be here for the next person to enjoy so why not appreciate time when you can? In life we all can be very impatient for the things we actually want, but sometimes the things that we do want isn't what we need. God knows what's best for us and what's not but don't ever think he isn't listening, some of the things are better off waiting for so understand that it'll take a while. Without patience and faith comes frustration when in reality you probably couldn't even handle what you wanted when you wanted it. In life God doesn't bring you all your blessings at once because He knows what you can and cannot handle at the time. Everyone goes through something no matter if you're at the age of 5 or 55 there are somethings that God put you through that some couldn't probably survive through it. He will never give you more than you can bear He knows your strengths and weaknesses, so before you feel like you can't remember HE can. Don't give up on that school paper, job, family, child, relationship(marriage) or whatever you feel like giving up on he hears your cry's but you cannot pray and worry. Pray and have faith, and patience because in due time everything will work in your favor believe me, I am a living testimony I've been through things I haven't told a soul but it isn't anybodies business but God and I.Your trials will become blessings. Believe! Believe! Believe!
**though God should of left me behind long time ago he never left, to be where he wants us to be it will not take a day or two but he knows your heart!**

Friday, November 23, 2012

Let A Man Be A Man!

Yes, this may start something and my ladies just might get upset but one thing I've realized about myself I can act like a dude in a relationship or when I'm talking to someone.  My brother always say "Sis you a nigga" meaning I act like a guy lol, I hate to hear it but it's so true. The music, books, reality shows brainwash us so much that we think we have to be this person that we are not built to be. There is nothing wrong with being independent because I know exactly what that is about. It says act like a lady but think like a man, no matter how many times you read that book we will never understand a man even if we try to think like them. Out of all the guys you've dated you probably got hurt but I can tell you every hurt was different, This all means that you'll have to be more cautious about the next person. Every guy you meet isn't your soul mate,  every guy you've dealt with should of been a lesson learned. When you finally meet a REAL MAN it will be such a big turn off to him to see you doing the things that he's suppose to be doing. He wouldn't mind paying for dinner or taking you out a couple of times. I know! I know! it's been a trend that a girl pays for the tab every now and then which is ok ESP if he's worth it and deserves it. Ladies let the man treat you, and make you feel special. A man will never do things for a girl that he isn't feeling. Stop trying to read his mind, let him speak, get to know him. Let him be a man and you be the lady. Does a lady open the door for the man? NO! I mean I may sound a little old fashion but I see nothing wrong with that. I've finally learned my lesson, I will let a man be a man but that never gives him the right to disrespect you, disrespect is a NO GO, never be ok with it. As I close I would like to say this, I feel like with time when you realize how you should be treated and you finally find someone that treats you as such you'll have every reason to let go and be treated the way you should be. <3

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who, What And Why!

Hey my lovely readers, sorry I haven't been on here writing, but I have a valid excuse my PC was down for a couple of days. This topic was inspired by one of my fave readers Simone. Writing was mainly in me since a little girl, my mother use to write, my brother and sister does also. My mother had journals on top of journals,  writing everything that came to mind but no one knew about them until after she passed away. I have a few people that inspires me to go for what I love and never giver give up what so ever. One main person I would name is my mother, I haven't met someone as hard working as her. My mother went to school for law, worked in doctors and law offices until she build her own empire which was her own business doing taxes. Maybe i'm not where I should be but she taught me with faith it will never be hard to get to where you wanna be. It takes a lot of hard work, faith and prayer to keep you stable in this lifetime. Another person I would name is my brother, the man in my life, the father figure to my daughter and I. He's been there even if we fight or disagree on things and that's vise versa. He is a special man and he will be the one walking me down the isle one day. He pushes me to do what I got to do in my life for my daughter and I. I have a few more people that motivate, inspire and pushes me to know that the only time the hustle stop is when i'm dead: my hairstylist/sister, my daughters godmother*Cuzz*, Rachel, Lesly, Rose, Bianca AND mr. Anggy you guys mean so much to me words can't even explain. Life is all about keeping the positive people around that only wants the best for you in life. They may be at the top but they wouldn't feel right if you're not there with them. Like I always tell my friends or people around me be careful who you keep around because you never know who's praying on your downfall. Remember in the process of coming up you will stumble sometimes fall so keep your faith and remain strong.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Build A Bond, Before A Relationship/ No Rush!

When you're so afraid to love someone because you've experienced hurt so many times, This person give you reasons that being afraid is foolish. Being so unsure if you're hearts desires, because what you've once desired hurt you. Ladies/gents these feelings are very known to happen when things are rushed. Getting to know someone is the best way to start a relationship. Jumping into one not knowing what you may get yourself into may make things not last. Getting to know someone, that just talking stage: going on dates, talking for hours, asking questions about his/her  life just getting into deep with this person, building some type of bond and friendship that's the best way to start. Then you start to build trust for this person; time is everything, knowing someone you can potentially be with in the future makes things so much better. Have you ever been around someone and you felt so comfortable like you've known this person forever? You guys talk about everything and anything. He/she  knows when your mood changes or whatever you're feeling before you even tell them? this shows you that you've grown to have a bond with that person and you guys aren't even together; they already know whats wrong, when its wrong, things to say and how to say them. Build a bond where you can be friends so when things hit off you have a best friend and a partner 2 for 1 special. Do things the right way, sometimes it's the best way. Love takes time, it is patient and love doesn't have any limits. Love is so much better when it has unknown feelings, feelings you cannot explain because loving someone shouldn't have a specific reason why.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stop The Ignorance, Your Vote is Your Opinion

I may lose a couple of viewers because of this, But I honestly dislike when people say that voting for Barack Obama are the ones that's lazy, want things handed to them or just looking to extend government assistance. Like there are some people that are democrats that's been through hell and back just to keep their businesses running or to keep food on their table. Not everyone was born rich or fortunate to do what some can. Your vote or decisions is yours and your opinion is your opinion but that is it. Why make this such a big arguement? Whoever you chose it's on your own understanding but why bash the next person? that's what I call ignorance. We all know that Barack is for the people and his goal is to keep education alive for the one's that really want it, Helping the one's that are not fortunate to pay everything out of pocket.Before you bash whatever he's trying to do read and look up on the things he has done and tryed to do. The president comes up with his ideas and plans but it doesn't stop there, He has to go the approval stage and not everyone will agree or approve of what he's trying to do. So before you open your mouth read on what you DON'T know  or don't understand. This society is wrapped up on trying to show that they've voted, But some are only voting just to follow the trend simply because this is most talked about right now. Vote because you want a better future and lifestyle. Choose Google and research, Research is good and knowing is even better. Lets live for today and understand the future is in your own hands take control of it..

Monday, November 5, 2012

Late Night Feelings!!!

Listen to all my readers, One thing about me is I have a heart that may seem black but can be soft as a marshmallow. I have a passion for reaching out to people; just being that person they can vent to. Being nice is hard simply because you don't know who will take you for granted or what's real. Giving advice, writing and just speaking to people is my thing; I love persuading and telling others the right things to do or maybe what might be best for them. Not one friend I've had can say I gave bad advice, I gave what was real and reality. I had many judge, say things about me but it was always a few that saw that side they can love, and I genuinely appreciate whoever you guys were, I'm at a place in my life where I'm trying to be a better mother,  a successful young lady and i'm also growing. I may go out and enjoy life but there is one piece of me that's gone and that's my mother, she was my everything we had an actual bond even if we didn't see eye to eye at times but what mother; daughter relationship is perfect?. Listen I tell you  guys enjoy life and never let anything hold you back form your happiness, success and peace of mind. Jesus is real, He is real, HE IS REAL awknowledge him and never put man before him. I have a story to tell but when it's my time to tell it I will. I'm on this earth to speak and I will in anyway I can. Remember No one can break you nor shake you STAND FIRM. Jealousy and hate will come from people you wouldn't even imagine but Do Not condone in non sense, Life is so much more better without the foolishness. Peace!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carrying Stress, And Remaining Calm&Strong

Everyone deals with different levels of stress, With a lot of different reasons. Remaining strong and calm is one of the hardest part in the process of stressing. Life has so much going on with itself so when things start to crumble some of us don't know how to handle it so we trip, over exaggerate and drive ourselves crazy. One way I deal with stress is by: being calm when a trial hit me, I write down the things I already have that some don't. We are blessed in ways we blind ourselves to see, life has so much to offer including stress and trials but the way you handle what you're going through determines how the outcome of things will be. Stress will hit you in 3 ways hard, harder or maybe at it's hardest. Only you can let stress take over, or you take over the stress. Life isn't easy The struggle or whatever you go through determines how strong you can be. Don't go through life thinking the world is going to end every time something happens. Be still and know that God will bring you through everything that you are going through. Faith as small as a mustard seed will bring you a long way. Don't let stress take over your life remain strong and calm in every trial and see the big difference in your life, how things will unfold much faster. I know you have the stress with bills, school, relationships and family but let go and let God it's way easier that way.. Trust in Him, the battle isn't yours leave it to someone that can handle it. Pray and just chill.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Be A Leader Not A Follower..

Being a leader in a positive way is hard now a days because I've witnessed people are attached to the negative things and people. Leading others to right paths, telling them about your past so they can make a different directions in their lives. There is so many followers now a days not in a good way. But when you lead you will have followers but these followers have potential to lead as well. Instead of following someone that will lead you to destruction, put lies and turn you against the people that is mainly family or someone that's been there this person shouldn't be around. I've witnessed that some people simply don't like to see good things between you and that other person so they do what ever it takes to make this person see you in a different light; if you are a simple minded person you'll fall for whatever negative this person is telling you. People learn to have a mind of your own; lead yourself to positive things and people in your life and stop following what friends, family and what the media do. Find a new trend a positive one keep people interested in the positive things in life. Being a leader isn't easy because some are so natural in following everything and everyone they shouldn't be. Life is more than short build a team of people that you can possibly change their lives in ways you thought you couldn't. Be a LEADER and create followers that will be potential leaders themselves. Keep a strong mindset, don't let others tell you different on what you're trying to build. Shine bright you will NOT be no one's shadow anymore. Lead yourself to greatness!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Betrayal, when you feel as if someone close to you have turned their back on you for many reasons. We all have been through this In our lives. I've been betrayed many times but I never let the situation phase me. What I do is Forgive the person and keep it moving. Forgiving isn't easy doing. You have the people that will steal, talk behind your back as if they never knew you. Sometimes you will find that in people you know FAMILY, close friends and long term co-workers. Why I put family in capital letters? Mainly because these people will get under your skin simply because they know what will piss you off in ways strangers won't know. I've witnessed it. Betrayal is the complete opposite of loyalty and some don't know that. If you have a certain friend and the other friend don't get along with is it ok to trash talk them? No it isn't. Some will do the ultimate dirt to the ones they shouldn't be doing it too. No one should be mistreated in anyway but some people are just careless. Be careful who you trust or vent to. Not everyone wants the best for you. If you have someone that's always stirring up drama is that someone you should be around? Or that person that always down talk and hate on everyone? People like this will only manipulate you and put you in unnecessary drama. I've observed that when someone see's a great friendship or relationship they don't have or never had, they will find ways to break it up simple because they're miserable. They will creep up with they're sneaky ways and tear something great apart. These are the people that act dumb when in reality they're plotting on you. I'm speaking of experience. MISERY LOVES COMPANY.. tell that miserable person misery doesn't live here try next door.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Your Inner Gift..

In life we all are planted with a special inner gift, Some of us don't even know what are talents are or what we can do. We have hairstylist's, fashion designers, weight trainers, singers, dancers etc. But if you don't open your mind to trying new things to figure out what you are best at then you will never know. I could never figure out what was my inner gift and how I can change the world in some way. I tried doing hair.. Definite NO, singing, dancing and so many other things but they all flopped LOL. But I started to realize I had a voice not as in singing but just talking to people. Then I started to write and realize how good I was at it and all the great feedback I was getting. So giving advice, writing on this blog I had so many people tell me how great it was and how this may change a few lives. Immediately I continued to do what I was doing and realized this was my inner gift, writing and talking to others about their life issues and more. Whatever your inner gift is show it out to the world; never for one second doubt what you are good at. Make the world know and understand you in ways you never thought you could be understood, expand your horizons and reach beyond the skies. Greatness lives in you, free it from all the doubts, manipulations and so many other things that will hold you back, from finding you and your  inner gift. Understand you will have people that will not always love what you do, hate, bash and try to put you down never let that phase you, Tell the haters keep it moving. Have a tunnel vision never look back!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Samreya Julie Saintitl, my daughter born August 26, 2010. Most terrifying experience in my life, what was I going to do with a kid i'm not even done with school i'm still in my moms house. So many things were running through my mind. It's been 2 years now with the help of my family and friends it has been successful. My mother was my biggest help, motivator and inspiration. She taught me how to be independent and do what I gotta do for mines. I appreciate my mother more than words can explain. I'm sure it crushed her to find out her youngest was having a baby but she put that aside and continue to love and help me out. This journey is not easy ; sometimes I just wanna scream and run away form all of it, But my daughter means so much to me that I don't have a give up bone in my body. She's comes first to anyone no if and's or buts. I will do whatever it takes just so she can have what she needs. All I see is her and I, no one else. I love you babygirl and it's us against the world. You were meant to be in my life; even if I doubted I wouldn't be the best but I can tell in your eyes you think I am. I am not the richest and I may not be able to buy you all the things in the world but guarantee my Love is worth more than anything.. Godbless you! <3 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 Depression: A condition of mental disturbance, typically with lack of energy and difficulty in maintaining concentration or interest in life.

 Depression is one of the many killers in this stressful life. I realized that when things don't go as planned or in the order we want them to go we seem to feel hopeless and down. Things happen in everyday life to get us into the depression stage. A loved one passing away, NO income, breakups and so much more that people go through in their lives. But how do we get through life thinking negative? If you let you mind control you without thinking then you'll be a lost case maybe a bit confused. Depression will have you locked in a room missing out on life. We all experienced depression and it's not fun at all. When I lost my mother my way out was spending money and eating. My mind took control without me controlling it. spent money that I should of been saving eating a full course meal maybe 5 times a day. My depression took over my mind but I had to realize my mother wouldn't want me doing what I was doing. So before you start to doubt and go into the depression stage pray, to be honest everything in life we go through is a test of faith that God is putting us through. All he ask is for us to trust what He has in store for us. And I know most ya'll are tired of hearing this, I was the same way. But look at it this way; don't you realize when you stop worrying things start to unfold? those jobs you applied for, that car you want, that relationship you been waiting for just relax don't get yourself worked up continue to have faith and know that when things start to reveal you've past the test of faith. Easier said then done but trust and believe prayer heals and changes everything. Don't just pray.. pray with your faith and all that you have. Even if you don't have the words to say He already knows what you're trying to say. Don't let depression make your life decision. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Mornings.

Everyone hates Monday mornings, we feel like it's such a BLAH day but look at it this way it's another week of fresh accomplishments so when Friday actually comes you can celebrate them.Out of the few I love Mondays, I feel as if Mondays gives you another start over on the things you went to get done that you couldn't get done last week. I thank God for Mondays I love fresh starts and started over if I have too. I hope you all enjoy this Monday like it's your last, do something today that you didn't do last week or that assignment that you forgot to finish. Enjoy and appreciate Monday mornings because the weekends are the days you will enjoy relaxation from Mondays hard work. Don't drag through this day when there is a lot you can enjoy out of your Monday. Make the best out of it and get things done today and start it all over next week. Be open minded, Mondays are the best and so is the weekends.. Mon-Thursday get things done and Fri-Sunday are the fun days. LOL enjoy your Monday loves ;) <3

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Respect is key, it's number one. You should never allow someone or people to walk all over you and disrespect you. All my life I had a voice; I speak upon how I feel but always respected others. Some people just don't have no type of respect; say and do whatever they please; this will get you nowhere, being nasty all the time. Learning how to talk to people is how you can get around in this world and some don't realize that. When you go into an interview they take a good look at how decent you look, then you start to talk so i'm sure when you're at an interview you gotta be at your best when you're speaking. So why is it so hard to do that in your everyday life? In this lifetime everyone's mind are drifted, shifted they  disrespect the ones that actually care and want the best for them. I don't care what situation you are in with that person there should be some level of respect. I'm so sick of people disrespecting me and i'm sure many of you are too.It's time to get the scissors; Cut off the disrespect in your life because it gets draining when you are looking for respect from that one person and you never receive it. If you are dealing with someone(Relationship,Friends,Family..ETC.)  it takes 2 with everything ya'll do. So when you're not being met half way this complicates things so there is not balance.At the end of the day I realized everyone doesn't deserve your respect. To get is to give.. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Loyalty-the state or quality of being loyalfaithfulness to commitments or obligations.
 Being loyal, is like a loyal dog. A dog will be loyal to his owner no if, and's or buts. Us as humans we throw this word around lightly not knowing the true meaning of it. Loyalty is like a commitment. Being loyal to your family, close friends and in relationships. We all had a time when we fell off with someone but your loyalty should always stand strong no matter what; never lose your loyalty just because someone wasn't being loyal to you. Keep your ways just the way it is. You are bound to get hurt and you will also hurt others, even if you're not trying to do it intentionally. I've learned that in life it's going to be a cycle of being hurt, let down, lack of trust, dishonesty, also being disloyalty. My loyalty grew on how I've been hurt in the past. Being loyal to family making sure that with out a doubt that you will not get out without a fight if they're being mistreated in a certain way, You feel its's your duty to support and be behind them no matter what the case may be. Not letting anyone speak upon them without you snapping just because your loyalty stand strong behind them. That also goes for your close friends, mates etc. Just being there for that person when they are in need supporting them, bringing them positive atmosphere. Committing yourself to being loyal to these people you surround yourself with. But wait, not everyone is to be treated as such, So be careful and make sure you can tell the difference from the people that are for you and the ones that are not. Always keep your third eye open.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vous Etes Belle Dames (You Are Beautiful Ladies)

To all my ladies you are beautiful no matter what you've been told. Naturally, or with weave, makeup and all the things some of us girls like to wear. I've witnessed many beautiful women that cannot except how beautiful they're just because they've been told many times they're not attractive. Some of us become very insecure for many reasons and the main one is simply because a guy told them their look wasn't good enough, so they do whatever it takes just to please that person but to be honest if he really liked or wanted you he would of seen passed your looks. Ladies stop trying to look or do what the next girl is doing; you are you; make your beauty beautiful and appreciate it. I know every girl went through the stage that they wanted the butt, tits; flat stomach but wait... who are you really doing it for? for you or the public's eye? I've learned to except me, if a guy don't like my weave, lashes, acrylics then he can keep it moving because this is what I like. I dress for me I don't care for seasons or what's hot or not. Some care for it but that's them; their personality. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love you and be confident in anything with your appearance just because that's how you felt that day. Don't sit home going crazy like what should I wear just because you are afraid what someone else is going to say/think . To hell with them live freely in everything that you do. Stop letting the world stop you from being YOU!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Run From Negativity..

When I say run from negativity, I mean run. If you see someone that's always talking down and just have a plain ol negative mindset this is not someone you should associate yourself with. Growing up I've probably had all types of friends the fake, liar, flaw, wannabe; the list goes on but the older you get you realize who should be or out your inner circle. People that just talks about everyone all day everyday is someone you shouldn't be involved with, 9/10 they talking about you with the next set of people. Negativity is around you 24/7 , there's a few negative people in your family, work place, church; schools. Having positive surroundings only makes you want to do and be better. Seeing your friends pushing you and telling you "You can do it" that's a great feeling and it only makes you want to motivate and inspire the next person, just because you feel people can believe in you so why not believe in others? God has blessed me with a few haters, doubters but he blessed me with 5 handfuls of believers and that simply outweighs the negativity. No one can take your joy but yourself, keep the doubters and haters wondering why and if they ask simply tell them you ran away from negativity and your back to the positive views of life. STAY FOCUSED! don't stray back to negativity it's no good for the mind, body and spirit.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Life.. This Society.. **Rip Bizzle**

Last night I witnessed how hurt and confused my guy friend was about one of his brothers dying(bizzzle) I stayed up texting him and all he could say was he was hurt smh. Society today is twisted, manipulated; simply lost. Realizing how some people are very careless and not have a thought in their mind about this person's kids, family and friends. One other thing i'm so sure of is that no one is to be trusted with anything that your trying to do in life; hate has become bigger than it ever was, Instead of doing something that you can possibly succeed from you would rather hate on the next person to take their glory, their blessings? I don't see what most get out of it. Life is very unpredictable, we never know what will happen in the next hour or even couple of minutes. Living life, keeping your business to yourself and you circle as small as you can and sometimes it may not even form a circle which is fine; having all the friends, trying to be down is not a good look it can only get you caught up in things you never even planned on getting caught up in. People will be plotting on you and you don't even know it. The people you may call your friends/ bestie/ clostie or whatever ya'll be saying now a days may not be the person you think they are, before putting titles read and get to know the person because a few have many different faces and will use the one to show you that they're "Real" when in reality they're just using you for something you have. Be careful out here the devil is playing tricks on most of us and using the people close to us, keep your eyes and ears open and trust your first instinct. Only In God We Trust!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tu Es Mon Soleil (french)*you can Google for the meaning in English*

Tu es mon soleil, 
Eclaires mes jours, mes nuits
Tu es mon soleil
Tu es l'homme de ma vie

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh {x4}

Tu es mon soleil, 
Illumines mes jours, mes nuits
Tu m'émerveilles
Tu nourris mes envies
C'n'est plus pareil depuis tu es parti
Toute seule j'essaye, mais ce nous me poursuit

Je donnerai ma vie tu sais
Pour te suivre
J'aimerai changer le passé
Je veux vivre
Auprés de toi je resterai
Je m'enivre
De toi et tous les secrets
Qui nous lient à jamais

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh {x4}

Tu es mon soleil
La lumière qui me guide
Dans mon sommeil
Tu dessines mes rêves aussi
Tu es l'arc-en-ciel qui a coloré ma vie
Tu es mon soleil
Tu es mon meilleur ami
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/p/princess_lover/tu_es_mon_soleil.html ]
Je voudrai plus plus qu'une amitié
Je suis ivre
Pour toi je ne peux me contenter
D'être libre
De pouvoir seulement te parler
Je veux vivre
Avec toi être à tes côtés
Et poursuivre
Ce rêve en réalité

Être à tes cotés
C'est ma destiné
C'est ma destiné
Tu es ma destiné

{Choeur: x4}
Si tu veux de moi

(Si tu veux de moi)
Si tu veux de moi
(Si tu veux de moi)
(Si tu veux de moi)

Emmène-moi ou tu veux
(Si tu veux de moi)
Emmène-moi si tu veux
(Si tu veux de moi)

(Si tu veux de moi)
Si tu veux de moi
(Si tu veux de moi)

Je ne laisserai jamais les autres
(Si tu veux de moi)
(Si tu veux de moi)
Briser ce qui existe
(Si tu veux de moi)
Si tu veux de moi
(Si tu veux de moi)

(Si tu veux de moi)
Si tu veux de moi
(Si tu veux de moi) 
(Si tu veux de moi)
(Si tu veux de moi)

Emmène-moi si tu veux
(Si tu veux de moi)
Emmène-moi où tu veux
(Si tu veux de moi)

(Si tu veux de moi)
Si tu veux de moi
(Si tu veux de moi) 
(Si tu veux de moi)
(Si tu veux de moi)

**I Over love this song its in french but you can also google the lyrics in english!** enjoy

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enjoy Life..

Life is short I really realized this when my mother passed away going on 5 months ago, I am my mothers keeper we thought and did the same things. Growing up watching my mother she was so strong; she didn't need for nothing; taking care of everyone. We had house parties for every occasion I mean EVERY occasion, My mother never let life stopped her from enjoying life so why should I? I realized last night I love the company I keep, these people will never steer me wrong and they keep it 1,000 all the time and I appreciate that. But someone like me music lives in me I love to dance, party enjoy life. I'm not saying to party Monday-Sunday but sometimes you can step out. To some people partying isn't their kind of fun; "They been there done that" BUT me I do me, my own thing and that doesn't make me a bad person that make me, ME.! I am truly IN love with life if i can live it forever I would so I can share my stories to my great, great, great grand kids. But unfortunately we all have to die die so take this time to enjoy life and thank God for every day you get to see.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


You're my addiction, good but so unhealthy. every time I get a dose of you I feel so good, but every time I get an overdose it feels so wrong. I want to let go of this nasty habit, I don't want your doses anymore I need therapy to stay away from you. How can I love you when you continuously hurt me and make me weak? you are no good for me how come I can't seem to flee? when I leave I be so certain, then you come back then I become uncertain. I say repeatedly in my head maybe one last time, maybe this time it won't hurt, maybe something is different but every time its the same medicine, this medicine doesn't do to well for my immune system, I need to throw this all up. Lets leave each other alone. I gotta get back to me, the real ME, and you get back to the real YOU. when I see you again maybe things will be alright, maybe we both will be healthy again and pray this cycle of addiction doesn't come back.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Unexpected Love..

Unexpected love? something that just comes out of nowhere you didn't see it coming.
Unexpected love: when you're not even looking and this amazing person just comes along unexpectedly; scary but such a happy surprise.
Unexpected Love:  just when you least expected it, this person showed you exactly how you wanted to be loved..
Unexpected love: when you heard of true love but you never expected to find it in that person.
Unexpected Love: when you assumed that you will never find love when love was in your face but your patience had you doubting.

**Love is most beautiful when it just happens when it happens. Not when its forced that's when it isn't real. When its time for you to be with the one you love i'm sure it will happen unexpectedly and you probably don't even know who its going to be with but trust and believe that love will be the best love.!!**

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Process..

Another beautiful day isn't it? My life was already written before my mother envisioned of having me. See, God  does what He wants when He wants, not to hurt us but sometimes so we can learn and understand half the things WE as flesh put ourselves through could of been prevented but we have a rebellious heart and soul. I can't sit here and tell you I know every word of the bible and what everything mean but here me out. God tests out our faith in every situation in life, in our marriages, work place, school ETC but sometimes we get so wrapped up in worrying and stressing we forget that the battle we are ALWAYS trying to fight ourselves isn't ours, IT'S NOT OURS!!!! i'm pretty sure we all heard that saying "Let Go Let God" this means all the barriers, baggage's its time to bring it to the person that can truly handle it. This is more easier said than done yes I know but I started to realize everything we go through is a process, some of us lose a job, fail a test, broke and just feel lost you start to lose yourself but here's one of the many simple things He asks from us and that's "Faith" we tend to lack this because we don't really know the true meaning of it. He say's in Matthew 7:7 * Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.* You may pray all day everyday and ask for something but how can you ask Him for something and go out on your own to get it when maybe in Gods plan whatever you were asking for was meant for you to get it in the next 2 years? its a process you ask, pray, have faith and simply WAIT! Gods timing will never fail you his timing will have all things in order in your life. Let it all go its worth it trust me ya'll. I'm going through a process as i'm writing this, this process is making me grow spiritually slowly but surely things will be in order not on my time on His because we don't know what's best for us He DOES!!!!!. here's a bible verse about faith i forgot to add this: Matthew 17:20 * He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


when you see her, you may see: happiness, fun, funny, outspoken, outgoing. but you don't know her. you don't know whats going on in her life or how hurt, unhappy she is. stop judging the cover of her book when you haven't took the time to read her. She loves even when she gets hurt, she gives not caring if she will ever receive. She sleeps hoping she wakes ups to the beautiful birds chirping the flowers that grows through the concrete because she tells herself that she has to get out of this unhappiness some way some how.. So she writes, she writes what she knows and what she's been through. You don't know her so stop talking about her, she is different she IS the flower that grows through the concrete, she is strong never complaining when the struggle hits her so hard that she might can't even stand straight for a couple of days no worries because she bounces back like the struggle never even pushed or shoved her. this is she, her, ME!

A Guys Feelings..

This topic inspired me by one of my guy friends. One thing about a guy they're hard at putting themselves out there or simply falling in love. Because, guys are very different from us girls. They're not the ones to be in and out of relationships not knowing how it is to be single. One other thing I realized about a guy is a few of them are very picky and its not on purpose but they're very careful when it comes to choosing the ones they want to be in a relationship with, they don't want the kind of girls that every guy knows everywhere he takes her ESP in the hood he resides in. Ladies when a guy is single he is not a "DOG" he can do whatever he pleases because he is not  with one specific person, now if he's with someone and he is out there like an untamed dog then that's a different story. Sometimes us ladies tend to get upset when we don't get the attention we expected with the certain someone we're with but instead of getting upset get to the bottom of why it's so hard for him to get emotional or to even commit. Commitment and trust are a big thing to guys. The thing that I also picked up from guys are that when they get hurt by someone they really felt for its a warp for all the others and that's something a guy will never admit is that they've been hurt before. Don't make it so hard to read a guy when it's very simple. Not all guys are the emotional type some of them have to be taught how to care and love all over again.

Monday, October 8, 2012

never leave the one you love for the one you like

So we all know this saying very well, and there was an incident with Chris brown and his love triangle. We all know he was head over heels over rihanna and the break up tore them apart and he moved to the beautiful kurrache. Chris brown recently said in a video he made and said "can you love 2 people" actually you can, but to be IN love with two people is impossible. Well this is how I feel once you are  pushed and forced to leave the one you love you have to play a role like I don't care I can move on easily but when in reality you're moving on to prove people something. You're not moving on to find someone that can make you happier basically a "Rebound". See here's the thing you move on not knowing you might end up liking or loving this person and when you end up falling it becomes something drastic because your heart is not fully in it like the other person. So now your hearts not a 100% in it is only hurting the person this is why i say its best to find yourself and fully understand what you want out of life and figure out this is how i want things to be in my next relationship, because when you jump back in relationships back to back then you'll never know or fully understand what you really want until you get to know the real you and what you really want out of a mate. So when you finally figure that out you will never have a problem with finding someone you really want or if someone wants you, you will have a clear understanding if you want to pursue a relationship with this person or not because you can finally say I know me and I know what I really want. STOP looking for a rebound and search for yourself, inner wants and needs.

Single Mothers/Fathers

Being a Single mother or just a mother is no joke, its a heavy weight but such a joyful responsibility. Kids are a gift from God and are such amazing blessings. I really don't see how some woman/men can just leave a woman/men  to be a single mother/father. Becoming a mother/father all things that you use to do have to come to a stop and it isn't about you anymore. your child's hunger comes before yours. And some people cant handle that just yet and i don't blame them. There is more to a child then doing the hair and buying them the fly kicks and clothes. it's all about raising the child, teaching them, watching them grow to be better than you ever were loving them unconditionally. Its a lot of work to do it alone, and i don't see or even understand how can you make a child and just leave them? its not hurting anyone but yourself. Watching a child grow with all the little steps: crawling, walking, talking, sending them off to daycare all these things are a sight to see. Rethink before having a kid(s) because its a big responsibility and if its something you can't handle don't put yourself in that situation and if you are in that situation where you are doing it all alone, stand firm and be strong God will never fail you.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

This Is Real!

This is real, life is real everything that goes on is real. Real Life real people so surround yourself around real things and real people. Some are built so fake they believe their own lies these kind of people are hard to come across because they "ACT" real. when you have a group of friends or even family observe everything they do, everything may be peachy but it is never peachy for long. this is how I see things: you mess up once, i forgive and move on... Peace! and that goes for everyone that i surround myself around "NO SYMPATHY" if you allow someone to diss you over and over again and never approach the situation then they will continue to do it. Well I mean in this world you will have people talk about you all the time, but leave that up to the strangers the people that are close to you shouldnt be talking bad about you to others at all. Or if you have a friend and someone comes to that friend talking bad about you that friend shouldnt allow it at all, and if that friend does allow it 9 out of 10 shes been talking negative about you too. This world has completely took the word "LOYAL" for play. be loyal to yourself and you will be loyal to others, just like love everyone  throws the word loyalty around not knowing the true meaning of it. Well my advice to all watch the people around you not everyone you keep around are suppose to be around.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving On After An Heart Break.

Moving on from something so valuable, sincere and loving to you is one of the hardest things to do. If it was easy to move on then maybe that wasn't something that you weren't all into, Some guys just don't get it when a girl loves she loves hard so when you call it quits she's not gone leave without a fight. Her love wasn't a game it was something she wanted for awhile. No money, flowers, candy or anything BUT time can cure a heart break. At times it can take years to recover from something so painful. Its not as easy for us girls to move on then it is for you guys. Then to see you with someone else just a couple days or months later really hurts because you start to wonder did he really love/like me? but how if it was so easy for him or her to move on? even if we shouldn't take every relationship seriously but we do, we feel as if we give you the benefit of the doubt so prove that you are not the same. if you are stop saying that you aren't. Moving on is never easy time heals everything so never force yourself to get over someone it will only make you think of them more.. ENJOY!

"MY" Relationship Is My Business

My relationship is my business, Yes so if i don't invite you in it don't invade. HA! i always tell my female friends keep your relationship out of people faces, either they end up wanting him/her, jealous or try to find info from the wrong people to come back and talk all the trash in the world. I love it when people THINK they know what your relationship is about. But if you feel the need to put what you and your spouse are going through on the social networks then your relationship isn't your business anymore its everyone else's. Sometimes you don't even have to let your family or even best friend know whats going on with you and yours, all they will end up doing is judging. Having others in you relationship only ruins it, If there is a situation talk to him/her about it, you don't need 10million people knowing whats going on because at the end of the day people gone call people and the story you told will change then it will stir up to something big. The best relationship is the one no one knows about, it will last longer. they know ya'll together but don't know whats going on, on the inside. so keep your relationship your business! ENJOY!

Life Isn't Always Peaches And Creams

Life isn't always easy, God does things to test our intelligence and to see if we will make better decisions for ourselves. Sometimes we may think the best decisions are the best but sometimes it isn't. We see the rich kids and we say i wish i had it like them but what do they really have the material things or true happiness? some of us may see these people with all types of stuff but they aren't truly happy. Their parents are just buying their love or shopping is how they get over whatever it is they are going through. Sometimes i'll see the unfortunate on t.v or just around and they will make fun out of anything because they are just grateful for having just what they have, they never complain or anything. I remember if i couldn't get my hair done i would cry... YES really lol. I was sorta kind spoiled so I wanted everything handed to me. But all that had to stop when i had my pride and joy Samareya J Saintil. Life isn't about what you have or what you can get. Life is what you make it and I say make the best of it because its very short. We all need to make better decisions for ourselves so we wouldn't have to suffer or struggle in the future. Life doesnt always have to be hard, just be smarter and ponder longer before any decision. ENJOY!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Friends With Benefits..

What do most of you guys feel about this little title? when you are someones slida, bust it baby etc.. some of us think we can handle being someones FRIENDS with benefits. This means NO strings attach, NO future relationship, not even calling each other on a regular. Most fail at this because feelings get involved i mean to be real honest the girls get attached more then a guy ever would. Ladies i feel like why sleep with someone that don't even see a future with you? I know some of us been there but its time for a change, its time for him to understand if we are going to be friends that's it and nothing more. Every time and it never fails a homeboy can never be a homeboy for long because its either he wants to sleep with you or be with you and vise versa. For me I've dealt with this just like maybe every girl in the world but we all handle things differently, we have different opinions on things that an other girl would look at you crazy lol. Lets do things differently ladies, don't be ok when he calls you every 2 OR 3weeks at 2 or 3am saying he wants to come see you. You are worth way more than a booty call, see yourself as silver and gold a body filled with pearls. Never mind him you don't need him if your not a queen in his eyes. ENJOY!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live Life. Yea 3X:Chris Brown

Have You Ever?

Have you ever dated that one person that you can't seem to get out your system? i mean you feel like sheesh its been a few years or months why can't i seem to shake this guy or girl? You went on dates you've been in different relationship but its nothing like being with "THAT" person. Some of us are guilty of this but i think it only means that's the only person your heart desires and wants. Friends looking at you crazy,  i mean EVERYTHING reminds you of that particular person. You remember ever single last thing y'all been through. This happens to a few of us. Love is love especially true love, when you have no doubt that you might end up with this person in the future. Its OK to feel this way honestly. And if you feel like you want to get this person out of your system stop dating people like him or her, step out the box and meet people that aren't your type get it? Get a feel of something NEW, don't be afraid or panic because its something that you are not use to. In life we take risks everyday, so its OK to take risks with your heart. 9/10 you will find something that will make you happy. ENJOY!

Sorry For The Wait..

Hey lovies, sorry for not posting for the last 5days. I was really busy arranging my mothers funeral. That was the biggest wake up call for  me ya'll, I didn't know how to feel or even know how to act. Someone you thought that was going to be in your life forever happen to be gone???? that is something hard to swallow. Like I would tell everyone God is using the strength my mother had on me. I'm not saying i'm taking it lightly but its motivating me to continue to make her proud of me. Life will never be the same for me and my family but she would want us to continue to do the things she use to do and "WE" will. Guys cherish your loved ones and appreciate all that God gives you. ENJOY!

Monday, June 4, 2012

So You Think You Know How To Love A Woman?

Guys? you always seem to think you know what a woman wants and need when we don't even want to much, all we want is for you to be there. Comfort her, love her and just be there and be honest to her. But now a days something so simple is to much to ask for. Some of us ask for a lot and some of us just don't care we just want to be loved the right way. Guys feels as if it gives them cool points just to be an ass or an dog "player" when really they can be losing out on a great girl. While were hurt and tryna figure out whats wrong with us and wondering why he's an ass he's out moving on already lol. I'm not speaking about all guys there are some great guys out there but we tend to brush them to the side because something about that bad guy brings us closer to them. Sometimes i say we set ourselves up to get hurt but we really can't help who we like or fall in love with sometimes. A womans love is one of the greatest, strongest and sincere. When we love we love hard, but so i heard a man loves differently from a woman but i also know when a guy falls in love there is no turning back. What we really want is your full attention, honesty and love guys nothing more. So give a little more and stop expecting us to be ok with the games and lies. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Smile-Kirk Franklin

This song means so much.. God is working so don't give up lovies! ENJOY!

A Taste Of Encouragement, You Can Do It.

Waking up happy knowing this day will be a good day. looking forward to all the great things God has in store for you and I. Waking up angry and upset is no good you only making things worse on yourself. There is so much to be blessed for. Some of us may think our life sucks when there is someone out there struggling but happy at the same time, because thats how much they appreciate life itself. God gives us each day we see a chance to do something with our lives. There is no excuse or time in the world to be slack. **i realized that** you can do whatever it is you wanna do just put you heart, mind and soul into it and believe you can conquer anything you put your mind to. With consistancy you will make it a long way. so never doubt yourself or give up. you can do it.! ENJOY!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Its Ok To Be You.

In life we let our pride control us, that we have to be "different" at all times. We put up this image that we want to seem perfect at times but realize, NOONE is perfect. we are made with plenty flaws and that determines who is really with us during our bad, sad, scary, funny and crazy moments. One thing is i never tried to be perfect i always say i want to be me no matter who i'm around. Some people try to have a different personailty around different crowds but i see that as not knowing who you really want to be. If people don't love you for you then you don't need them for nothing. It feels so good being around people that know you in and out and will never judge you but will only help you and give you the best advice they can. You should never feel uncomfortable around peope you know and the people that "know you". It's refreshing knowing you can just kick back and talk about nonsense with the people you love and been down with for years. Life is what you make it, so make the best of it and enjoy with the people that enjoy it with you.. ENJOY!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Family is,
heaven sent from our father above,
bonded by the power of love.
No matter what family has each others back,
when push comes to shove.

Family is,
understanding, never demanding,
all for one and one for all,
I will never leave you alone standing.

Family is,
one in itself, my love is your love,
your pain is my pain, my wealth is your wealth,
I promise to never leave you by yourself.

Family is,
the strongest team, the strongest unit;
if love could be visualized,
family would be the blue print.

Family is,
forgiveness and patience,
it's sweeter than the sweetest fragrance,
the power of family is a reflection of Gods compassion and magnificence.

Family is,
never turning our back, and never shames,
lend my helping hand and not a finger pointing the blame.

No matter what a family bond can never be broken,
even through a nuclear explosion,
if one of us lives we all live.
Forever to eternity, we are family.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love Is So Caramel Sundae Sweet.

What is your meaning of love and how it makes you feel? How many times have you thought you were "in love" with someone? or thought you found "the one?" some of us want love so bad so we try to find it in many other places and in other people. But love is when you love yourself, how can someone love you if you dont love yourself? love can be caramel sundae sweet when you are loved by the right person or people, Like the love your family or best friend gives is such a good feeling but is it really much different from a spouse? whats the difference between a spouses love and a families love? **you can answer ths question on twitter @shesobreezy or comment under this post** but there is one true meaning of love and its in the bible.(1Corinthians 13:4-8) . do you believe love can be like this still? its like now a days we throw that word around carelessly not even knowing the meaning of it. Love is something serious, something so meaningful. But how do we really when we have found love? I can honestly say when you realize you are in love its something so deep you won't be able to explain because the love you feel is more than words can explain. Love is finger licking good, I can't wait for all to experience that good taste of love! ENJOY!
In life we are born with the sweetest thing ever made a "mother" oh and a father lol. But a mother is someone who will comfort, love, take care and just be there for you when no one else is. One thing i know a mother daughter relationship is a bit hard, when we hit our teenage years we become more open to the world and want to experience life when our mothers tend to try to stop us so we won't make any bad decisions, they will fuss and fight with us for our own good. when they say "mama knows best" its very true guys. Building a bond with your mother or even father is the best thing to do and its a great feeling being able to go to your mother about anything: boys, sex, love, friends etc the best advice is from God first and then mommy. so cherish and love your mothers. I'm not saying it will happen overnight but try to grow a bond one day at a time. A mothers love is the best love. God knew what he was doing. **exodus 20:12 Honor your father and MOTHER, that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you.**
R.I.P ma(Anna Julie St.Vilus).

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This would bring some flavor to your life..

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Hey my beautiful people, I wanted to explain what my blog title means. Life can taste so bitter but you have times its sweet. We can never determine what is next with our lives. One thing I've noticed is there is no life without God, Sometimes we may think things are going well but all of a sudden you hit a road block but one thing I've realized hitting a road block shouldn't be the end of your life and life plans. Nothing is perfect or nothing will always go your way. But believing and having faith is one of the main ways of have a chocolate sweet life, when they say "Let Go Let God" there is a lot behind that statement. Like Its better leaving things in the hand of the man that controls our destiny. Life can be simple but it is not easy. sometimes there are things that go wrong in our lives that we can avoid before it happens but like they call it is a "Lesson Learned" but how many lessons learned you have to go through before you get it? sometimes we put ourselves through the same situations and end up with the same results and get shocked at the end like we just didn't go through the same thing a year or a month ago that goes back to me saying how many lesson learns will we have to go through to get? Life can be candy cane sweet but sour apple bitter. God is good. ENJOY!
Lets start with a little about me, My name is Sabine Saintil and i am 20 years old. I am a mother of one, a child of God, a daughter, a sister, cousin, auntie, godmother, friend, bestfriend, advice giver, consultant etc. I take the word Loyalty to another level. Its either you keep it real or you don't. Be blessed loves.