Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Guys Feelings..

This topic inspired me by one of my guy friends. One thing about a guy they're hard at putting themselves out there or simply falling in love. Because, guys are very different from us girls. They're not the ones to be in and out of relationships not knowing how it is to be single. One other thing I realized about a guy is a few of them are very picky and its not on purpose but they're very careful when it comes to choosing the ones they want to be in a relationship with, they don't want the kind of girls that every guy knows everywhere he takes her ESP in the hood he resides in. Ladies when a guy is single he is not a "DOG" he can do whatever he pleases because he is not  with one specific person, now if he's with someone and he is out there like an untamed dog then that's a different story. Sometimes us ladies tend to get upset when we don't get the attention we expected with the certain someone we're with but instead of getting upset get to the bottom of why it's so hard for him to get emotional or to even commit. Commitment and trust are a big thing to guys. The thing that I also picked up from guys are that when they get hurt by someone they really felt for its a warp for all the others and that's something a guy will never admit is that they've been hurt before. Don't make it so hard to read a guy when it's very simple. Not all guys are the emotional type some of them have to be taught how to care and love all over again.

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