Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carrying Stress, And Remaining Calm&Strong

Everyone deals with different levels of stress, With a lot of different reasons. Remaining strong and calm is one of the hardest part in the process of stressing. Life has so much going on with itself so when things start to crumble some of us don't know how to handle it so we trip, over exaggerate and drive ourselves crazy. One way I deal with stress is by: being calm when a trial hit me, I write down the things I already have that some don't. We are blessed in ways we blind ourselves to see, life has so much to offer including stress and trials but the way you handle what you're going through determines how the outcome of things will be. Stress will hit you in 3 ways hard, harder or maybe at it's hardest. Only you can let stress take over, or you take over the stress. Life isn't easy The struggle or whatever you go through determines how strong you can be. Don't go through life thinking the world is going to end every time something happens. Be still and know that God will bring you through everything that you are going through. Faith as small as a mustard seed will bring you a long way. Don't let stress take over your life remain strong and calm in every trial and see the big difference in your life, how things will unfold much faster. I know you have the stress with bills, school, relationships and family but let go and let God it's way easier that way.. Trust in Him, the battle isn't yours leave it to someone that can handle it. Pray and just chill.

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