Monday, October 8, 2012

Single Mothers/Fathers

Being a Single mother or just a mother is no joke, its a heavy weight but such a joyful responsibility. Kids are a gift from God and are such amazing blessings. I really don't see how some woman/men can just leave a woman/men  to be a single mother/father. Becoming a mother/father all things that you use to do have to come to a stop and it isn't about you anymore. your child's hunger comes before yours. And some people cant handle that just yet and i don't blame them. There is more to a child then doing the hair and buying them the fly kicks and clothes. it's all about raising the child, teaching them, watching them grow to be better than you ever were loving them unconditionally. Its a lot of work to do it alone, and i don't see or even understand how can you make a child and just leave them? its not hurting anyone but yourself. Watching a child grow with all the little steps: crawling, walking, talking, sending them off to daycare all these things are a sight to see. Rethink before having a kid(s) because its a big responsibility and if its something you can't handle don't put yourself in that situation and if you are in that situation where you are doing it all alone, stand firm and be strong God will never fail you.

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