Monday, November 5, 2012

Late Night Feelings!!!

Listen to all my readers, One thing about me is I have a heart that may seem black but can be soft as a marshmallow. I have a passion for reaching out to people; just being that person they can vent to. Being nice is hard simply because you don't know who will take you for granted or what's real. Giving advice, writing and just speaking to people is my thing; I love persuading and telling others the right things to do or maybe what might be best for them. Not one friend I've had can say I gave bad advice, I gave what was real and reality. I had many judge, say things about me but it was always a few that saw that side they can love, and I genuinely appreciate whoever you guys were, I'm at a place in my life where I'm trying to be a better mother,  a successful young lady and i'm also growing. I may go out and enjoy life but there is one piece of me that's gone and that's my mother, she was my everything we had an actual bond even if we didn't see eye to eye at times but what mother; daughter relationship is perfect?. Listen I tell you  guys enjoy life and never let anything hold you back form your happiness, success and peace of mind. Jesus is real, He is real, HE IS REAL awknowledge him and never put man before him. I have a story to tell but when it's my time to tell it I will. I'm on this earth to speak and I will in anyway I can. Remember No one can break you nor shake you STAND FIRM. Jealousy and hate will come from people you wouldn't even imagine but Do Not condone in non sense, Life is so much more better without the foolishness. Peace!

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