Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Betrayal, when you feel as if someone close to you have turned their back on you for many reasons. We all have been through this In our lives. I've been betrayed many times but I never let the situation phase me. What I do is Forgive the person and keep it moving. Forgiving isn't easy doing. You have the people that will steal, talk behind your back as if they never knew you. Sometimes you will find that in people you know FAMILY, close friends and long term co-workers. Why I put family in capital letters? Mainly because these people will get under your skin simply because they know what will piss you off in ways strangers won't know. I've witnessed it. Betrayal is the complete opposite of loyalty and some don't know that. If you have a certain friend and the other friend don't get along with is it ok to trash talk them? No it isn't. Some will do the ultimate dirt to the ones they shouldn't be doing it too. No one should be mistreated in anyway but some people are just careless. Be careful who you trust or vent to. Not everyone wants the best for you. If you have someone that's always stirring up drama is that someone you should be around? Or that person that always down talk and hate on everyone? People like this will only manipulate you and put you in unnecessary drama. I've observed that when someone see's a great friendship or relationship they don't have or never had, they will find ways to break it up simple because they're miserable. They will creep up with they're sneaky ways and tear something great apart. These are the people that act dumb when in reality they're plotting on you. I'm speaking of experience. MISERY LOVES COMPANY.. tell that miserable person misery doesn't live here try next door.

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