Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Build A Bond, Before A Relationship/ No Rush!

When you're so afraid to love someone because you've experienced hurt so many times, This person give you reasons that being afraid is foolish. Being so unsure if you're hearts desires, because what you've once desired hurt you. Ladies/gents these feelings are very known to happen when things are rushed. Getting to know someone is the best way to start a relationship. Jumping into one not knowing what you may get yourself into may make things not last. Getting to know someone, that just talking stage: going on dates, talking for hours, asking questions about his/her  life just getting into deep with this person, building some type of bond and friendship that's the best way to start. Then you start to build trust for this person; time is everything, knowing someone you can potentially be with in the future makes things so much better. Have you ever been around someone and you felt so comfortable like you've known this person forever? You guys talk about everything and anything. He/she  knows when your mood changes or whatever you're feeling before you even tell them? this shows you that you've grown to have a bond with that person and you guys aren't even together; they already know whats wrong, when its wrong, things to say and how to say them. Build a bond where you can be friends so when things hit off you have a best friend and a partner 2 for 1 special. Do things the right way, sometimes it's the best way. Love takes time, it is patient and love doesn't have any limits. Love is so much better when it has unknown feelings, feelings you cannot explain because loving someone shouldn't have a specific reason why.

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