Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who, What And Why!

Hey my lovely readers, sorry I haven't been on here writing, but I have a valid excuse my PC was down for a couple of days. This topic was inspired by one of my fave readers Simone. Writing was mainly in me since a little girl, my mother use to write, my brother and sister does also. My mother had journals on top of journals,  writing everything that came to mind but no one knew about them until after she passed away. I have a few people that inspires me to go for what I love and never giver give up what so ever. One main person I would name is my mother, I haven't met someone as hard working as her. My mother went to school for law, worked in doctors and law offices until she build her own empire which was her own business doing taxes. Maybe i'm not where I should be but she taught me with faith it will never be hard to get to where you wanna be. It takes a lot of hard work, faith and prayer to keep you stable in this lifetime. Another person I would name is my brother, the man in my life, the father figure to my daughter and I. He's been there even if we fight or disagree on things and that's vise versa. He is a special man and he will be the one walking me down the isle one day. He pushes me to do what I got to do in my life for my daughter and I. I have a few more people that motivate, inspire and pushes me to know that the only time the hustle stop is when i'm dead: my hairstylist/sister, my daughters godmother*Cuzz*, Rachel, Lesly, Rose, Bianca AND mr. Anggy you guys mean so much to me words can't even explain. Life is all about keeping the positive people around that only wants the best for you in life. They may be at the top but they wouldn't feel right if you're not there with them. Like I always tell my friends or people around me be careful who you keep around because you never know who's praying on your downfall. Remember in the process of coming up you will stumble sometimes fall so keep your faith and remain strong.

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