Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Mornings.

Everyone hates Monday mornings, we feel like it's such a BLAH day but look at it this way it's another week of fresh accomplishments so when Friday actually comes you can celebrate them.Out of the few I love Mondays, I feel as if Mondays gives you another start over on the things you went to get done that you couldn't get done last week. I thank God for Mondays I love fresh starts and started over if I have too. I hope you all enjoy this Monday like it's your last, do something today that you didn't do last week or that assignment that you forgot to finish. Enjoy and appreciate Monday mornings because the weekends are the days you will enjoy relaxation from Mondays hard work. Don't drag through this day when there is a lot you can enjoy out of your Monday. Make the best out of it and get things done today and start it all over next week. Be open minded, Mondays are the best and so is the weekends.. Mon-Thursday get things done and Fri-Sunday are the fun days. LOL enjoy your Monday loves ;) <3

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