Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love Is So Caramel Sundae Sweet.

What is your meaning of love and how it makes you feel? How many times have you thought you were "in love" with someone? or thought you found "the one?" some of us want love so bad so we try to find it in many other places and in other people. But love is when you love yourself, how can someone love you if you dont love yourself? love can be caramel sundae sweet when you are loved by the right person or people, Like the love your family or best friend gives is such a good feeling but is it really much different from a spouse? whats the difference between a spouses love and a families love? **you can answer ths question on twitter @shesobreezy or comment under this post** but there is one true meaning of love and its in the bible.(1Corinthians 13:4-8) . do you believe love can be like this still? its like now a days we throw that word around carelessly not even knowing the meaning of it. Love is something serious, something so meaningful. But how do we really when we have found love? I can honestly say when you realize you are in love its something so deep you won't be able to explain because the love you feel is more than words can explain. Love is finger licking good, I can't wait for all to experience that good taste of love! ENJOY!

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