Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Life Isn't Always Peaches And Creams

Life isn't always easy, God does things to test our intelligence and to see if we will make better decisions for ourselves. Sometimes we may think the best decisions are the best but sometimes it isn't. We see the rich kids and we say i wish i had it like them but what do they really have the material things or true happiness? some of us may see these people with all types of stuff but they aren't truly happy. Their parents are just buying their love or shopping is how they get over whatever it is they are going through. Sometimes i'll see the unfortunate on t.v or just around and they will make fun out of anything because they are just grateful for having just what they have, they never complain or anything. I remember if i couldn't get my hair done i would cry... YES really lol. I was sorta kind spoiled so I wanted everything handed to me. But all that had to stop when i had my pride and joy Samareya J Saintil. Life isn't about what you have or what you can get. Life is what you make it and I say make the best of it because its very short. We all need to make better decisions for ourselves so we wouldn't have to suffer or struggle in the future. Life doesnt always have to be hard, just be smarter and ponder longer before any decision. ENJOY!

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