Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Moving On After An Heart Break.

Moving on from something so valuable, sincere and loving to you is one of the hardest things to do. If it was easy to move on then maybe that wasn't something that you weren't all into, Some guys just don't get it when a girl loves she loves hard so when you call it quits she's not gone leave without a fight. Her love wasn't a game it was something she wanted for awhile. No money, flowers, candy or anything BUT time can cure a heart break. At times it can take years to recover from something so painful. Its not as easy for us girls to move on then it is for you guys. Then to see you with someone else just a couple days or months later really hurts because you start to wonder did he really love/like me? but how if it was so easy for him or her to move on? even if we shouldn't take every relationship seriously but we do, we feel as if we give you the benefit of the doubt so prove that you are not the same. if you are stop saying that you aren't. Moving on is never easy time heals everything so never force yourself to get over someone it will only make you think of them more.. ENJOY!

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