Monday, June 4, 2012

So You Think You Know How To Love A Woman?

Guys? you always seem to think you know what a woman wants and need when we don't even want to much, all we want is for you to be there. Comfort her, love her and just be there and be honest to her. But now a days something so simple is to much to ask for. Some of us ask for a lot and some of us just don't care we just want to be loved the right way. Guys feels as if it gives them cool points just to be an ass or an dog "player" when really they can be losing out on a great girl. While were hurt and tryna figure out whats wrong with us and wondering why he's an ass he's out moving on already lol. I'm not speaking about all guys there are some great guys out there but we tend to brush them to the side because something about that bad guy brings us closer to them. Sometimes i say we set ourselves up to get hurt but we really can't help who we like or fall in love with sometimes. A womans love is one of the greatest, strongest and sincere. When we love we love hard, but so i heard a man loves differently from a woman but i also know when a guy falls in love there is no turning back. What we really want is your full attention, honesty and love guys nothing more. So give a little more and stop expecting us to be ok with the games and lies. Enjoy!

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  1. No to give guys any credit but half of the time women allow to be played with because they want a "man" so bad. Scared of being lonely make these women put up with nonsense. Ppl will only do what u allow them to do. So what you're saying in your post is true, we set ourselves up and cant help who we like. I'm sure when enough is enough we will be able to pick better spouse.