Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time, Faith, Patience Is All He Needs!

I may talk about faith a lot, But one thing about faith it'll take you further than you know. Time is everything,  When we die time will still be here for the next person to enjoy so why not appreciate time when you can? In life we all can be very impatient for the things we actually want, but sometimes the things that we do want isn't what we need. God knows what's best for us and what's not but don't ever think he isn't listening, some of the things are better off waiting for so understand that it'll take a while. Without patience and faith comes frustration when in reality you probably couldn't even handle what you wanted when you wanted it. In life God doesn't bring you all your blessings at once because He knows what you can and cannot handle at the time. Everyone goes through something no matter if you're at the age of 5 or 55 there are somethings that God put you through that some couldn't probably survive through it. He will never give you more than you can bear He knows your strengths and weaknesses, so before you feel like you can't remember HE can. Don't give up on that school paper, job, family, child, relationship(marriage) or whatever you feel like giving up on he hears your cry's but you cannot pray and worry. Pray and have faith, and patience because in due time everything will work in your favor believe me, I am a living testimony I've been through things I haven't told a soul but it isn't anybodies business but God and I.Your trials will become blessings. Believe! Believe! Believe!
**though God should of left me behind long time ago he never left, to be where he wants us to be it will not take a day or two but he knows your heart!**

Friday, November 23, 2012

Let A Man Be A Man!

Yes, this may start something and my ladies just might get upset but one thing I've realized about myself I can act like a dude in a relationship or when I'm talking to someone.  My brother always say "Sis you a nigga" meaning I act like a guy lol, I hate to hear it but it's so true. The music, books, reality shows brainwash us so much that we think we have to be this person that we are not built to be. There is nothing wrong with being independent because I know exactly what that is about. It says act like a lady but think like a man, no matter how many times you read that book we will never understand a man even if we try to think like them. Out of all the guys you've dated you probably got hurt but I can tell you every hurt was different, This all means that you'll have to be more cautious about the next person. Every guy you meet isn't your soul mate,  every guy you've dealt with should of been a lesson learned. When you finally meet a REAL MAN it will be such a big turn off to him to see you doing the things that he's suppose to be doing. He wouldn't mind paying for dinner or taking you out a couple of times. I know! I know! it's been a trend that a girl pays for the tab every now and then which is ok ESP if he's worth it and deserves it. Ladies let the man treat you, and make you feel special. A man will never do things for a girl that he isn't feeling. Stop trying to read his mind, let him speak, get to know him. Let him be a man and you be the lady. Does a lady open the door for the man? NO! I mean I may sound a little old fashion but I see nothing wrong with that. I've finally learned my lesson, I will let a man be a man but that never gives him the right to disrespect you, disrespect is a NO GO, never be ok with it. As I close I would like to say this, I feel like with time when you realize how you should be treated and you finally find someone that treats you as such you'll have every reason to let go and be treated the way you should be. <3

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who, What And Why!

Hey my lovely readers, sorry I haven't been on here writing, but I have a valid excuse my PC was down for a couple of days. This topic was inspired by one of my fave readers Simone. Writing was mainly in me since a little girl, my mother use to write, my brother and sister does also. My mother had journals on top of journals,  writing everything that came to mind but no one knew about them until after she passed away. I have a few people that inspires me to go for what I love and never giver give up what so ever. One main person I would name is my mother, I haven't met someone as hard working as her. My mother went to school for law, worked in doctors and law offices until she build her own empire which was her own business doing taxes. Maybe i'm not where I should be but she taught me with faith it will never be hard to get to where you wanna be. It takes a lot of hard work, faith and prayer to keep you stable in this lifetime. Another person I would name is my brother, the man in my life, the father figure to my daughter and I. He's been there even if we fight or disagree on things and that's vise versa. He is a special man and he will be the one walking me down the isle one day. He pushes me to do what I got to do in my life for my daughter and I. I have a few more people that motivate, inspire and pushes me to know that the only time the hustle stop is when i'm dead: my hairstylist/sister, my daughters godmother*Cuzz*, Rachel, Lesly, Rose, Bianca AND mr. Anggy you guys mean so much to me words can't even explain. Life is all about keeping the positive people around that only wants the best for you in life. They may be at the top but they wouldn't feel right if you're not there with them. Like I always tell my friends or people around me be careful who you keep around because you never know who's praying on your downfall. Remember in the process of coming up you will stumble sometimes fall so keep your faith and remain strong.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Build A Bond, Before A Relationship/ No Rush!

When you're so afraid to love someone because you've experienced hurt so many times, This person give you reasons that being afraid is foolish. Being so unsure if you're hearts desires, because what you've once desired hurt you. Ladies/gents these feelings are very known to happen when things are rushed. Getting to know someone is the best way to start a relationship. Jumping into one not knowing what you may get yourself into may make things not last. Getting to know someone, that just talking stage: going on dates, talking for hours, asking questions about his/her  life just getting into deep with this person, building some type of bond and friendship that's the best way to start. Then you start to build trust for this person; time is everything, knowing someone you can potentially be with in the future makes things so much better. Have you ever been around someone and you felt so comfortable like you've known this person forever? You guys talk about everything and anything. He/she  knows when your mood changes or whatever you're feeling before you even tell them? this shows you that you've grown to have a bond with that person and you guys aren't even together; they already know whats wrong, when its wrong, things to say and how to say them. Build a bond where you can be friends so when things hit off you have a best friend and a partner 2 for 1 special. Do things the right way, sometimes it's the best way. Love takes time, it is patient and love doesn't have any limits. Love is so much better when it has unknown feelings, feelings you cannot explain because loving someone shouldn't have a specific reason why.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stop The Ignorance, Your Vote is Your Opinion

I may lose a couple of viewers because of this, But I honestly dislike when people say that voting for Barack Obama are the ones that's lazy, want things handed to them or just looking to extend government assistance. Like there are some people that are democrats that's been through hell and back just to keep their businesses running or to keep food on their table. Not everyone was born rich or fortunate to do what some can. Your vote or decisions is yours and your opinion is your opinion but that is it. Why make this such a big arguement? Whoever you chose it's on your own understanding but why bash the next person? that's what I call ignorance. We all know that Barack is for the people and his goal is to keep education alive for the one's that really want it, Helping the one's that are not fortunate to pay everything out of pocket.Before you bash whatever he's trying to do read and look up on the things he has done and tryed to do. The president comes up with his ideas and plans but it doesn't stop there, He has to go the approval stage and not everyone will agree or approve of what he's trying to do. So before you open your mouth read on what you DON'T know  or don't understand. This society is wrapped up on trying to show that they've voted, But some are only voting just to follow the trend simply because this is most talked about right now. Vote because you want a better future and lifestyle. Choose Google and research, Research is good and knowing is even better. Lets live for today and understand the future is in your own hands take control of it..

Monday, November 5, 2012

Late Night Feelings!!!

Listen to all my readers, One thing about me is I have a heart that may seem black but can be soft as a marshmallow. I have a passion for reaching out to people; just being that person they can vent to. Being nice is hard simply because you don't know who will take you for granted or what's real. Giving advice, writing and just speaking to people is my thing; I love persuading and telling others the right things to do or maybe what might be best for them. Not one friend I've had can say I gave bad advice, I gave what was real and reality. I had many judge, say things about me but it was always a few that saw that side they can love, and I genuinely appreciate whoever you guys were, I'm at a place in my life where I'm trying to be a better mother,  a successful young lady and i'm also growing. I may go out and enjoy life but there is one piece of me that's gone and that's my mother, she was my everything we had an actual bond even if we didn't see eye to eye at times but what mother; daughter relationship is perfect?. Listen I tell you  guys enjoy life and never let anything hold you back form your happiness, success and peace of mind. Jesus is real, He is real, HE IS REAL awknowledge him and never put man before him. I have a story to tell but when it's my time to tell it I will. I'm on this earth to speak and I will in anyway I can. Remember No one can break you nor shake you STAND FIRM. Jealousy and hate will come from people you wouldn't even imagine but Do Not condone in non sense, Life is so much more better without the foolishness. Peace!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carrying Stress, And Remaining Calm&Strong

Everyone deals with different levels of stress, With a lot of different reasons. Remaining strong and calm is one of the hardest part in the process of stressing. Life has so much going on with itself so when things start to crumble some of us don't know how to handle it so we trip, over exaggerate and drive ourselves crazy. One way I deal with stress is by: being calm when a trial hit me, I write down the things I already have that some don't. We are blessed in ways we blind ourselves to see, life has so much to offer including stress and trials but the way you handle what you're going through determines how the outcome of things will be. Stress will hit you in 3 ways hard, harder or maybe at it's hardest. Only you can let stress take over, or you take over the stress. Life isn't easy The struggle or whatever you go through determines how strong you can be. Don't go through life thinking the world is going to end every time something happens. Be still and know that God will bring you through everything that you are going through. Faith as small as a mustard seed will bring you a long way. Don't let stress take over your life remain strong and calm in every trial and see the big difference in your life, how things will unfold much faster. I know you have the stress with bills, school, relationships and family but let go and let God it's way easier that way.. Trust in Him, the battle isn't yours leave it to someone that can handle it. Pray and just chill.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Be A Leader Not A Follower..

Being a leader in a positive way is hard now a days because I've witnessed people are attached to the negative things and people. Leading others to right paths, telling them about your past so they can make a different directions in their lives. There is so many followers now a days not in a good way. But when you lead you will have followers but these followers have potential to lead as well. Instead of following someone that will lead you to destruction, put lies and turn you against the people that is mainly family or someone that's been there this person shouldn't be around. I've witnessed that some people simply don't like to see good things between you and that other person so they do what ever it takes to make this person see you in a different light; if you are a simple minded person you'll fall for whatever negative this person is telling you. People learn to have a mind of your own; lead yourself to positive things and people in your life and stop following what friends, family and what the media do. Find a new trend a positive one keep people interested in the positive things in life. Being a leader isn't easy because some are so natural in following everything and everyone they shouldn't be. Life is more than short build a team of people that you can possibly change their lives in ways you thought you couldn't. Be a LEADER and create followers that will be potential leaders themselves. Keep a strong mindset, don't let others tell you different on what you're trying to build. Shine bright you will NOT be no one's shadow anymore. Lead yourself to greatness!