Saturday, October 13, 2012


You're my addiction, good but so unhealthy. every time I get a dose of you I feel so good, but every time I get an overdose it feels so wrong. I want to let go of this nasty habit, I don't want your doses anymore I need therapy to stay away from you. How can I love you when you continuously hurt me and make me weak? you are no good for me how come I can't seem to flee? when I leave I be so certain, then you come back then I become uncertain. I say repeatedly in my head maybe one last time, maybe this time it won't hurt, maybe something is different but every time its the same medicine, this medicine doesn't do to well for my immune system, I need to throw this all up. Lets leave each other alone. I gotta get back to me, the real ME, and you get back to the real YOU. when I see you again maybe things will be alright, maybe we both will be healthy again and pray this cycle of addiction doesn't come back.

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