Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stop The Ignorance, Your Vote is Your Opinion

I may lose a couple of viewers because of this, But I honestly dislike when people say that voting for Barack Obama are the ones that's lazy, want things handed to them or just looking to extend government assistance. Like there are some people that are democrats that's been through hell and back just to keep their businesses running or to keep food on their table. Not everyone was born rich or fortunate to do what some can. Your vote or decisions is yours and your opinion is your opinion but that is it. Why make this such a big arguement? Whoever you chose it's on your own understanding but why bash the next person? that's what I call ignorance. We all know that Barack is for the people and his goal is to keep education alive for the one's that really want it, Helping the one's that are not fortunate to pay everything out of pocket.Before you bash whatever he's trying to do read and look up on the things he has done and tryed to do. The president comes up with his ideas and plans but it doesn't stop there, He has to go the approval stage and not everyone will agree or approve of what he's trying to do. So before you open your mouth read on what you DON'T know  or don't understand. This society is wrapped up on trying to show that they've voted, But some are only voting just to follow the trend simply because this is most talked about right now. Vote because you want a better future and lifestyle. Choose Google and research, Research is good and knowing is even better. Lets live for today and understand the future is in your own hands take control of it..

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