Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Run From Negativity..

When I say run from negativity, I mean run. If you see someone that's always talking down and just have a plain ol negative mindset this is not someone you should associate yourself with. Growing up I've probably had all types of friends the fake, liar, flaw, wannabe; the list goes on but the older you get you realize who should be or out your inner circle. People that just talks about everyone all day everyday is someone you shouldn't be involved with, 9/10 they talking about you with the next set of people. Negativity is around you 24/7 , there's a few negative people in your family, work place, church; schools. Having positive surroundings only makes you want to do and be better. Seeing your friends pushing you and telling you "You can do it" that's a great feeling and it only makes you want to motivate and inspire the next person, just because you feel people can believe in you so why not believe in others? God has blessed me with a few haters, doubters but he blessed me with 5 handfuls of believers and that simply outweighs the negativity. No one can take your joy but yourself, keep the doubters and haters wondering why and if they ask simply tell them you ran away from negativity and your back to the positive views of life. STAY FOCUSED! don't stray back to negativity it's no good for the mind, body and spirit.

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