Saturday, October 6, 2012

This Is Real!

This is real, life is real everything that goes on is real. Real Life real people so surround yourself around real things and real people. Some are built so fake they believe their own lies these kind of people are hard to come across because they "ACT" real. when you have a group of friends or even family observe everything they do, everything may be peachy but it is never peachy for long. this is how I see things: you mess up once, i forgive and move on... Peace! and that goes for everyone that i surround myself around "NO SYMPATHY" if you allow someone to diss you over and over again and never approach the situation then they will continue to do it. Well I mean in this world you will have people talk about you all the time, but leave that up to the strangers the people that are close to you shouldnt be talking bad about you to others at all. Or if you have a friend and someone comes to that friend talking bad about you that friend shouldnt allow it at all, and if that friend does allow it 9 out of 10 shes been talking negative about you too. This world has completely took the word "LOYAL" for play. be loyal to yourself and you will be loyal to others, just like love everyone  throws the word loyalty around not knowing the true meaning of it. Well my advice to all watch the people around you not everyone you keep around are suppose to be around.

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