Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time, Faith, Patience Is All He Needs!

I may talk about faith a lot, But one thing about faith it'll take you further than you know. Time is everything,  When we die time will still be here for the next person to enjoy so why not appreciate time when you can? In life we all can be very impatient for the things we actually want, but sometimes the things that we do want isn't what we need. God knows what's best for us and what's not but don't ever think he isn't listening, some of the things are better off waiting for so understand that it'll take a while. Without patience and faith comes frustration when in reality you probably couldn't even handle what you wanted when you wanted it. In life God doesn't bring you all your blessings at once because He knows what you can and cannot handle at the time. Everyone goes through something no matter if you're at the age of 5 or 55 there are somethings that God put you through that some couldn't probably survive through it. He will never give you more than you can bear He knows your strengths and weaknesses, so before you feel like you can't remember HE can. Don't give up on that school paper, job, family, child, relationship(marriage) or whatever you feel like giving up on he hears your cry's but you cannot pray and worry. Pray and have faith, and patience because in due time everything will work in your favor believe me, I am a living testimony I've been through things I haven't told a soul but it isn't anybodies business but God and I.Your trials will become blessings. Believe! Believe! Believe!
**though God should of left me behind long time ago he never left, to be where he wants us to be it will not take a day or two but he knows your heart!**

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