Sunday, October 14, 2012

Enjoy Life..

Life is short I really realized this when my mother passed away going on 5 months ago, I am my mothers keeper we thought and did the same things. Growing up watching my mother she was so strong; she didn't need for nothing; taking care of everyone. We had house parties for every occasion I mean EVERY occasion, My mother never let life stopped her from enjoying life so why should I? I realized last night I love the company I keep, these people will never steer me wrong and they keep it 1,000 all the time and I appreciate that. But someone like me music lives in me I love to dance, party enjoy life. I'm not saying to party Monday-Sunday but sometimes you can step out. To some people partying isn't their kind of fun; "They been there done that" BUT me I do me, my own thing and that doesn't make me a bad person that make me, ME.! I am truly IN love with life if i can live it forever I would so I can share my stories to my great, great, great grand kids. But unfortunately we all have to die die so take this time to enjoy life and thank God for every day you get to see.

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