Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"MY" Relationship Is My Business

My relationship is my business, Yes so if i don't invite you in it don't invade. HA! i always tell my female friends keep your relationship out of people faces, either they end up wanting him/her, jealous or try to find info from the wrong people to come back and talk all the trash in the world. I love it when people THINK they know what your relationship is about. But if you feel the need to put what you and your spouse are going through on the social networks then your relationship isn't your business anymore its everyone else's. Sometimes you don't even have to let your family or even best friend know whats going on with you and yours, all they will end up doing is judging. Having others in you relationship only ruins it, If there is a situation talk to him/her about it, you don't need 10million people knowing whats going on because at the end of the day people gone call people and the story you told will change then it will stir up to something big. The best relationship is the one no one knows about, it will last longer. they know ya'll together but don't know whats going on, on the inside. so keep your relationship your business! ENJOY!


  1. love this one..... that's something am working on for sure not letting these mothereffers in my danm relationship....