Thursday, October 18, 2012

Vous Etes Belle Dames (You Are Beautiful Ladies)

To all my ladies you are beautiful no matter what you've been told. Naturally, or with weave, makeup and all the things some of us girls like to wear. I've witnessed many beautiful women that cannot except how beautiful they're just because they've been told many times they're not attractive. Some of us become very insecure for many reasons and the main one is simply because a guy told them their look wasn't good enough, so they do whatever it takes just to please that person but to be honest if he really liked or wanted you he would of seen passed your looks. Ladies stop trying to look or do what the next girl is doing; you are you; make your beauty beautiful and appreciate it. I know every girl went through the stage that they wanted the butt, tits; flat stomach but wait... who are you really doing it for? for you or the public's eye? I've learned to except me, if a guy don't like my weave, lashes, acrylics then he can keep it moving because this is what I like. I dress for me I don't care for seasons or what's hot or not. Some care for it but that's them; their personality. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love you and be confident in anything with your appearance just because that's how you felt that day. Don't sit home going crazy like what should I wear just because you are afraid what someone else is going to say/think . To hell with them live freely in everything that you do. Stop letting the world stop you from being YOU!

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