Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Life.. This Society.. **Rip Bizzle**

Last night I witnessed how hurt and confused my guy friend was about one of his brothers dying(bizzzle) I stayed up texting him and all he could say was he was hurt smh. Society today is twisted, manipulated; simply lost. Realizing how some people are very careless and not have a thought in their mind about this person's kids, family and friends. One other thing i'm so sure of is that no one is to be trusted with anything that your trying to do in life; hate has become bigger than it ever was, Instead of doing something that you can possibly succeed from you would rather hate on the next person to take their glory, their blessings? I don't see what most get out of it. Life is very unpredictable, we never know what will happen in the next hour or even couple of minutes. Living life, keeping your business to yourself and you circle as small as you can and sometimes it may not even form a circle which is fine; having all the friends, trying to be down is not a good look it can only get you caught up in things you never even planned on getting caught up in. People will be plotting on you and you don't even know it. The people you may call your friends/ bestie/ clostie or whatever ya'll be saying now a days may not be the person you think they are, before putting titles read and get to know the person because a few have many different faces and will use the one to show you that they're "Real" when in reality they're just using you for something you have. Be careful out here the devil is playing tricks on most of us and using the people close to us, keep your eyes and ears open and trust your first instinct. Only In God We Trust!

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