Sunday, October 28, 2012

Your Inner Gift..

In life we all are planted with a special inner gift, Some of us don't even know what are talents are or what we can do. We have hairstylist's, fashion designers, weight trainers, singers, dancers etc. But if you don't open your mind to trying new things to figure out what you are best at then you will never know. I could never figure out what was my inner gift and how I can change the world in some way. I tried doing hair.. Definite NO, singing, dancing and so many other things but they all flopped LOL. But I started to realize I had a voice not as in singing but just talking to people. Then I started to write and realize how good I was at it and all the great feedback I was getting. So giving advice, writing on this blog I had so many people tell me how great it was and how this may change a few lives. Immediately I continued to do what I was doing and realized this was my inner gift, writing and talking to others about their life issues and more. Whatever your inner gift is show it out to the world; never for one second doubt what you are good at. Make the world know and understand you in ways you never thought you could be understood, expand your horizons and reach beyond the skies. Greatness lives in you, free it from all the doubts, manipulations and so many other things that will hold you back, from finding you and your  inner gift. Understand you will have people that will not always love what you do, hate, bash and try to put you down never let that phase you, Tell the haters keep it moving. Have a tunnel vision never look back!

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