Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why Do Women OverThink In Relationsips

Hello everyone, I am back by popular demand... Ok nah I'm Jk LOL. But someone special wanted me to write on this topic and I feel as if most can relate to it. Guys understand this very clearly; most women can't help but to overthink or feel some type of way, when she's in a brand new relationship, this is a BRAND NEW risk that she is taking with her heart. Some of us normally rush into relationships without knowing who we are dealing with, which leads to the cycle of heartbreak. It has nothing to do with the men we pick and chose it has everything to do with us women, don't be mad at me ladies, But it is the truth, we don't know how to take our time simply because we are looking for that "One". You do not have to kiss many frogs to find your prince; that is just the fairy tail story of it, this isn't Disney channel princess movies, this is real life. Back to overthinking, when we normally meet a guy that shows us "Different" we don't understand why so we try to find everything wrong; when there's nothing wrong at all. Women are emotional creatures and we feel more than a man feels in any kind of situation no matter how big or small. We see how perfect you are but it still seems as if its a gimmick, a fraud, a fake. In the back of our mind we are waiting for you to do something wrong so we can be right. In reality a broken woman wants to be fixed, loved, heard, held and so much more that its hard for a man to do, so we end up thinking you just might be doing it for the next chick, lol yes we do think that way. We start to think maybe I'm just not enough when in reality that guy just don't know how to show emotion. Ladies sometimes you have to read and understand your man instead of assuming his character; he wants to love, hold, kiss and caress you but have you ever thought that maybe he's been heartbroken too?, have you ever thought maybe he's in the same position as you? how afraid he is to give his all without getting anything back? ladies we are not the only ones that rush into things, we are not the only ones that get hurt, abused etc. The overthinking leads to exactly what you send out. I truly believe that us women do overthink 95% of the time. Guys understand that you have to make your lady/wife or whatever feel secure, make her feel a way so she won't have a doubt that she is fine in the situation she is IN. You don't have to do to much but show a little more. This also goes to my ladies, yes; this is a new risk but take it. How will you ever find that "One" if you don't move on and take that risk with your love life? sometimes what you go through should only be a lesson to understand what you should or should not take. Stop blaming your past relationships. MOVE ON!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's a new  year, I am so excited about this year. It feels like a fresh start, a new beginning. Like a new book with an interesting cover, you're so anxious to read what it is about. I don't know about you all but I wanna do things very differently this year, surround myself around people that will push me while pushing themselves, Keep all things i'm doing between God and I, keep my faith at a level 10. Another thing I would like to do is start planning my business and by the end of the year or before that it'll be up and running. Let this year be an accomplishing year for you, don't give up your goals just because you feel as if it may take to long, or you don't have enough money ETC. Let this year be a year with no excuses. An area I would like to focus more in my life this year is making ME happy, putting me first, sticking and being loyal to the people that deserves my loyalty and trust. I realized that even if I am a loyal person and I try to put my trust in people that not everyone deserves it because they'll take that; use it and you. Started this year without my mother is very hard but I know she has no worries about me, and I know she's fine where she's at. 2013 and many years after that to come can be great or horrible for you, but it's your choice. Some of us makes life so hard when it can be very simple. God has written our lives out way before our time, But with our rebellious and sinful ways we take different routes to experience some of the things that shouldn't even happened, But I guess things does happen for a reason so it can be a lesson. Lets not make stupid mistakes and use "that things happen for a reason" as an excuse because many things can and could of been prevented. Lets do better, support and genuinely love each other. Life would be much better when you have nothing but positive people around you, Keep these people around because they can only motivate and push you to go further. God is good, stay in prayer!