Friday, November 2, 2012

Be A Leader Not A Follower..

Being a leader in a positive way is hard now a days because I've witnessed people are attached to the negative things and people. Leading others to right paths, telling them about your past so they can make a different directions in their lives. There is so many followers now a days not in a good way. But when you lead you will have followers but these followers have potential to lead as well. Instead of following someone that will lead you to destruction, put lies and turn you against the people that is mainly family or someone that's been there this person shouldn't be around. I've witnessed that some people simply don't like to see good things between you and that other person so they do what ever it takes to make this person see you in a different light; if you are a simple minded person you'll fall for whatever negative this person is telling you. People learn to have a mind of your own; lead yourself to positive things and people in your life and stop following what friends, family and what the media do. Find a new trend a positive one keep people interested in the positive things in life. Being a leader isn't easy because some are so natural in following everything and everyone they shouldn't be. Life is more than short build a team of people that you can possibly change their lives in ways you thought you couldn't. Be a LEADER and create followers that will be potential leaders themselves. Keep a strong mindset, don't let others tell you different on what you're trying to build. Shine bright you will NOT be no one's shadow anymore. Lead yourself to greatness!

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