Friday, October 12, 2012

Unexpected Love..

Unexpected love? something that just comes out of nowhere you didn't see it coming.
Unexpected love: when you're not even looking and this amazing person just comes along unexpectedly; scary but such a happy surprise.
Unexpected Love:  just when you least expected it, this person showed you exactly how you wanted to be loved..
Unexpected love: when you heard of true love but you never expected to find it in that person.
Unexpected Love: when you assumed that you will never find love when love was in your face but your patience had you doubting.

**Love is most beautiful when it just happens when it happens. Not when its forced that's when it isn't real. When its time for you to be with the one you love i'm sure it will happen unexpectedly and you probably don't even know who its going to be with but trust and believe that love will be the best love.!!**

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