Monday, October 8, 2012

never leave the one you love for the one you like

So we all know this saying very well, and there was an incident with Chris brown and his love triangle. We all know he was head over heels over rihanna and the break up tore them apart and he moved to the beautiful kurrache. Chris brown recently said in a video he made and said "can you love 2 people" actually you can, but to be IN love with two people is impossible. Well this is how I feel once you are  pushed and forced to leave the one you love you have to play a role like I don't care I can move on easily but when in reality you're moving on to prove people something. You're not moving on to find someone that can make you happier basically a "Rebound". See here's the thing you move on not knowing you might end up liking or loving this person and when you end up falling it becomes something drastic because your heart is not fully in it like the other person. So now your hearts not a 100% in it is only hurting the person this is why i say its best to find yourself and fully understand what you want out of life and figure out this is how i want things to be in my next relationship, because when you jump back in relationships back to back then you'll never know or fully understand what you really want until you get to know the real you and what you really want out of a mate. So when you finally figure that out you will never have a problem with finding someone you really want or if someone wants you, you will have a clear understanding if you want to pursue a relationship with this person or not because you can finally say I know me and I know what I really want. STOP looking for a rebound and search for yourself, inner wants and needs.

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