Saturday, June 2, 2012

Its Ok To Be You.

In life we let our pride control us, that we have to be "different" at all times. We put up this image that we want to seem perfect at times but realize, NOONE is perfect. we are made with plenty flaws and that determines who is really with us during our bad, sad, scary, funny and crazy moments. One thing is i never tried to be perfect i always say i want to be me no matter who i'm around. Some people try to have a different personailty around different crowds but i see that as not knowing who you really want to be. If people don't love you for you then you don't need them for nothing. It feels so good being around people that know you in and out and will never judge you but will only help you and give you the best advice they can. You should never feel uncomfortable around peope you know and the people that "know you". It's refreshing knowing you can just kick back and talk about nonsense with the people you love and been down with for years. Life is what you make it, so make the best of it and enjoy with the people that enjoy it with you.. ENJOY!