Wednesday, October 10, 2012


when you see her, you may see: happiness, fun, funny, outspoken, outgoing. but you don't know her. you don't know whats going on in her life or how hurt, unhappy she is. stop judging the cover of her book when you haven't took the time to read her. She loves even when she gets hurt, she gives not caring if she will ever receive. She sleeps hoping she wakes ups to the beautiful birds chirping the flowers that grows through the concrete because she tells herself that she has to get out of this unhappiness some way some how.. So she writes, she writes what she knows and what she's been through. You don't know her so stop talking about her, she is different she IS the flower that grows through the concrete, she is strong never complaining when the struggle hits her so hard that she might can't even stand straight for a couple of days no worries because she bounces back like the struggle never even pushed or shoved her. this is she, her, ME!

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