Friday, November 23, 2012

Let A Man Be A Man!

Yes, this may start something and my ladies just might get upset but one thing I've realized about myself I can act like a dude in a relationship or when I'm talking to someone.  My brother always say "Sis you a nigga" meaning I act like a guy lol, I hate to hear it but it's so true. The music, books, reality shows brainwash us so much that we think we have to be this person that we are not built to be. There is nothing wrong with being independent because I know exactly what that is about. It says act like a lady but think like a man, no matter how many times you read that book we will never understand a man even if we try to think like them. Out of all the guys you've dated you probably got hurt but I can tell you every hurt was different, This all means that you'll have to be more cautious about the next person. Every guy you meet isn't your soul mate,  every guy you've dealt with should of been a lesson learned. When you finally meet a REAL MAN it will be such a big turn off to him to see you doing the things that he's suppose to be doing. He wouldn't mind paying for dinner or taking you out a couple of times. I know! I know! it's been a trend that a girl pays for the tab every now and then which is ok ESP if he's worth it and deserves it. Ladies let the man treat you, and make you feel special. A man will never do things for a girl that he isn't feeling. Stop trying to read his mind, let him speak, get to know him. Let him be a man and you be the lady. Does a lady open the door for the man? NO! I mean I may sound a little old fashion but I see nothing wrong with that. I've finally learned my lesson, I will let a man be a man but that never gives him the right to disrespect you, disrespect is a NO GO, never be ok with it. As I close I would like to say this, I feel like with time when you realize how you should be treated and you finally find someone that treats you as such you'll have every reason to let go and be treated the way you should be. <3


  1. If the females don't let the man be a man that's where u loose your man...A REAL MEN will always let a real woman know the truth even if it hurts.

  2. AMEN!!! You see that was the problem in one of my previous relationships. The man as you call it, was the man in the beginning, then things turned a little sour I had to take on his economic duties and spend sparingly so we can still keep the same vibe we had in the beginning. Unfortunately me becoming the man became disrespect to him and caused a lot of confusions and problems within our relationship. To fast forward, we later broke up and he confessed that the main problem was the fact that I forgot he was the man. I was able to do everything for myself so there was absolutely nothing left for him to do, but leave!

    1. I'm glad you guys are reading and it's so true, ugh!!!! we gotta let the man be a man he deserve to be..