Saturday, October 20, 2012


Loyalty-the state or quality of being loyalfaithfulness to commitments or obligations.
 Being loyal, is like a loyal dog. A dog will be loyal to his owner no if, and's or buts. Us as humans we throw this word around lightly not knowing the true meaning of it. Loyalty is like a commitment. Being loyal to your family, close friends and in relationships. We all had a time when we fell off with someone but your loyalty should always stand strong no matter what; never lose your loyalty just because someone wasn't being loyal to you. Keep your ways just the way it is. You are bound to get hurt and you will also hurt others, even if you're not trying to do it intentionally. I've learned that in life it's going to be a cycle of being hurt, let down, lack of trust, dishonesty, also being disloyalty. My loyalty grew on how I've been hurt in the past. Being loyal to family making sure that with out a doubt that you will not get out without a fight if they're being mistreated in a certain way, You feel its's your duty to support and be behind them no matter what the case may be. Not letting anyone speak upon them without you snapping just because your loyalty stand strong behind them. That also goes for your close friends, mates etc. Just being there for that person when they are in need supporting them, bringing them positive atmosphere. Committing yourself to being loyal to these people you surround yourself with. But wait, not everyone is to be treated as such, So be careful and make sure you can tell the difference from the people that are for you and the ones that are not. Always keep your third eye open.

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