Monday, June 18, 2012

Friends With Benefits..

What do most of you guys feel about this little title? when you are someones slida, bust it baby etc.. some of us think we can handle being someones FRIENDS with benefits. This means NO strings attach, NO future relationship, not even calling each other on a regular. Most fail at this because feelings get involved i mean to be real honest the girls get attached more then a guy ever would. Ladies i feel like why sleep with someone that don't even see a future with you? I know some of us been there but its time for a change, its time for him to understand if we are going to be friends that's it and nothing more. Every time and it never fails a homeboy can never be a homeboy for long because its either he wants to sleep with you or be with you and vise versa. For me I've dealt with this just like maybe every girl in the world but we all handle things differently, we have different opinions on things that an other girl would look at you crazy lol. Lets do things differently ladies, don't be ok when he calls you every 2 OR 3weeks at 2 or 3am saying he wants to come see you. You are worth way more than a booty call, see yourself as silver and gold a body filled with pearls. Never mind him you don't need him if your not a queen in his eyes. ENJOY!

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  1. Some women fail to realize there are guys who have respect for a woman that knows her worth , we don't need to settle for less.
    This post is truth, #nice