Monday, March 24, 2014

What Are You Left With? (The cycle of teaching)

What are you left with when you're so focused on taking care of everyone else but yourself? A lot of times you'll find that one person that does for everyone, the advice giver, the lover, the hand giver, the I'll take the tab don't worry kind of person. I can honestly say I had that kind of person in me. The "Kind one". You hate to see people suffer, cry or be hurt. It's so in you to give, give and give. You wanna nurture everyone so everyone can just be happy with pure peace ; but sometimes you can't be that "Kind" of person all the time. What we have to understand is that we need to nurture, love, and cater to ourselves first. You can't always give and be left with nothing this doesn't mean finically only but in ever aspect. How can someone give you advice but fail to use their own? This is a part of me that I'm working on. A lot of times you like to see people grow but what about your growth, have you ever thought for one second if that person wants to see growth in you? We really have to reevaluate what it's really like to lead the way, if you're leading the way for others where are you taking yourself? Why are you left behind? Like I always say sometimes it's ok to be a bit selfish about yourself, what's wrong with saying no, I'm working on myself so u can't help you right now. In order to to be a great role model you have to remodel yourself first. It's deeper than rap. What are you left with? Educate yourself so you'll be ready to educate the ones that don't know, because what sense will you make if you aren't making any sense? It's ok to give, teach, love and care but it all start with you so you can have a full understanding on why you're genuinely doing it for others. We always say, " When people need me I'm there, but when I need people they aren't. The only reason of this is because the person you're teaching these thing to doesn't know, sometimes people don't know how to give what they get. What I'm trying to say is: to be better; you have to better yourself in order to be the person to help others. so they can help others, it's a cycle of not being left behind. What great feeling is it to have complete peace at the end of the day when you know you've done a great deed for someone knowing if you need them they'll return that favor? It's like tag you're it! I've helped myself to where I am, now let me help you so you can help and educate someone else. Teachers teach to spread knowledge. Preachers preach to spread knowledge. The only reason these people are where they're is only because they had to be taught, so they can teach! Knowledge is the weapon. Before anyone put yourself first, no one wants to be taught by someone that doesn't know. When raising a child you raise your child based on what you know, based on what you've been taught. There is no to be taking care of others when you can't even take care of yourself. There is no classroom filled with a teacher that doesn't know. Why are left behind while others are taking care of themselves? You should always put yourself first!!!!!!!!!!!

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