Sunday, March 23, 2014


Have you ever.... Have you ever met someone or had something you just can't let go of? That one thing for me is something real. Have you ever met someone that makes you feel like everything is alright in the midst of things that's going wrong? Have you ever? Have you ever felt like life has no meaning without that one thing or person? Sometimes we fall so hard to get back up again. It's like make up sex in reality. It breaks and you try and rebuild it with all the tools of love, care and affection. Have you ever? Have you ever loved so deep, deeper than the sand that's under sea?  You crave for the same thing; will you ever get it? Will he ever get it? Will she just try and understand? but you're why she just doesn't understand. it's not that he doesn't love you he just never knew how. You drive yourself crazy because all you want is that love and affection, all you want is just a little bit of attention. Have you ever felt like giving up, but giving up would be to easy.. Have you ever thought that one day she'll just throw in the towel?. No! he's saying have you ever thought of being my wife?.. But have you ever thought that was always one of her thoughts? Sometimes we forget to just communicate on how we are feeling, I know went a little deep but my thing is, why not just be open and speak on how you feel? with everyone. We wake up every morning with a new feeling, a new thought, a new soul search. I feel as if; this is where you plan to be make it happen. try not to jeopardize it. Sometimes we say we want something but never have the gut to keep it when we actually have it. We take advantage of the fact that we have it and wet think we may never lose it. Be open minded and understand that people wake up with different thoughts/feelings every day. So when they finally get tired of not getting what they give, they'll eventually leave. Long story short, appreciate what you have when you have it. Everyone wants to be loved the right way. -SB❤️

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