Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tunnel Vision (Inner Self)

Hello my readers :) Thanks to my cousin Mariah I've found a great topic to talk about. Tunnel Vision, When you see that light at the end of the tunnel do you walk straight or let the distractions of life distract you? Most of the time we miss out on opportunities for various reasons. We let the simple things distract us from something so much bigger, but that only comes with life's lessons. For example, you are in college; you have a huge test that you have to study for BUT there's a party going on that your friends invited you to, do you go or stay in and study? most of the time we go to that party. LOL! Don't be ashamed. Sometimes its ok to NOT hang with the crowd, or go to the popping parties just so you can get things done on time. Sometimes its ok to be that nerd because you are the light that's at the end of the tunnel. All that you're trying to accomplish is for yourself! Take the time out to find your inner self, take the time out to figure what it is that you need to do to move forward. The many things I can say I learned in the 22 years of living is that everyone has their own light why not shine on your own? why not pick up yourself to do what has to be done? I won't say that it is easy, but when you have the passion about whatever you would like to do in life go hard or go home. Nothing in life is easy so whenever you finish what you've been trying to finish it only feels great, you feel accomplished, you feel as if you can take on any challenge that is thrown at you. Let go of the temporary things that can mess it up for the long term. Work hard now so that later you'll be able to relax. remain focused, strong willed and motivated. I'm going through a similar transition in my life where I had to realize that the fun can wait. I want to start NOW I see the light, I see where I can be. All I have to do is just remain focused and keep my eyes on the prize. I also learned that you have a clearer mind, organized all the things you need to get to where you want to be. Lastly, not everyone needs to know your every move or what you're about to do next, these things you keep private. Everyone doesn't need to know what you're capable of, SURPRISE them. Show and TELL. If anyone asks what you're up to just show them. you'll be looked at like "sheesh she's been on her grind, that's why she/he has been missing." Be that person that nobody EVER  knows what's next with you. Just be great at whatever you do and remember you're trying to get to that light that's at the end of the tunnel.

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