Thursday, April 24, 2014


Hey y'all! It's been a minute, there is so much I have to fill you guys in about on what I've experienced in the last month. Relationship failure, job lost, everything that could go wrong went wrong. But I'll never forget the day my sister Caroline asked me a favor when I asked her to do one for me; she said "Come to church with me" I said willing, no problem I'll come. Mind you I haven't been in a church in the past 2 years, I was anti-church. I've always felt like pastors were always after their own needs and wants, so I thought and assumed. I drove in the church parking lot and the name of the church was "Divine Hope Restoration Ministry" that spoke volumes to me. Mind you this is new for me, I'm walking into a brand new church with my guards up. Just observing everything and everyone around me, that was the day my life was changed forever, I can't stress it enough how amazing, that sermon was that day. He completely took me out of my comfort zone, my pride level went from a 10 to a 0 I just wanted to hear more and more. He spoke truth, pure real ness, he made so much sense. People, I've realized that we are NOTHING without God, man cannot provide what he has provided for us. We put so much time into our relationships, friends, clubs, smoking, drinking, when we could be praise and worshiping him for life, for waking up. I realized everything has failed in my life because He wasn't in it. Every feelings I've had were only temporary. My life was a MESS, I was angry, bitter, upset, confused, dealt with all kinds of mind battles only because I was distracted from his word. I didn't know what forgiveness was, so I knew nothing about blessings, I didn't know how to love, so I knew NOTHING about blessings, I wanted to do things that weren't of him, that lead me to destruction that lead me to being blind. A lot of people need to understand, we all have a purpose in life, we all have work to do. All we have to do is believe and pray that we will get to our purpose only if we let him lead us there. Repent, for He is coming. There is no need to be afraid, it is pure joy. We have to let go and sacrifice everything so we can get to the kingdom. We gotta become full time Christians, we have to submit ourselves to him, he has to restore our hearts, mind, body and soul. We have to learn how to believe things before it happens, that's the test of faith. When you are in Christ, we all have to love one another as it is a commandment, it says (love your neighbor as yourself, there is no greater commandment. Mark 12:31). A lot of times, we hold on to things that people have done to us, how do we expect God to forgive us if we can't forgive others? We hate, bash, trash peoples names instead of praying for them, instead of loving them just how God loves us. ( We have to do better). We have to learn how to put our feelings aside and do what is right. Your love is tested when your enemy needs you!!!! Love that is not tested isn't proven. When you put in full time, you put away wickedness. It is time, to reverse the mind of our society, we are missing out on so much because of our pride, expand your mind, be open to the truth, read your bible, ask God for understanding, let's help on another, let's have peace, let unite! We always looking for someone to prophecies to us when the bible is a prophecy. When are we going to realize that he wants more for us than we want for ourselves? When will we realize it's time for restoration???? Anything that is unjust is SEEN, we need to learn to love everyone through circumstance. My goal is to bring everyone out, my heart desires are to see all my friends and family prosper. We have to want to unite and come together. The one thing the devil hates is unity, he will make you come against your own blood. He will separate all things that Christ has put together; don't be fooled, the devil is the trickiest; he IS NOT FOR YOU! Let's be wise. -SB❤️

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