Monday, March 10, 2014

My Thoughts On What You Be Thinking

Love... That topic comes up a lot. Some people say we don't understand it, some say it comes easy but really it doesn't. Most girls wait for this moment when the other 5% can careless about it. I've always saw myself being in love, successful, married with a lot of beautiful kids. Life took it's own course. sometimes what you dream of isn't the dream God has planned for you. We go through so many relationships trying to figure out what's the problem and why. We tend to date the same type of guys/girls so the pattern still remains. Another thing I realized is that most people stay because of the years they been with that person. Years shouldn't be the reason to remain in an unhealthy relationship, no matter how long you are with that person leave when you are strong enough to leave. The longer you stay the harder it'll be to go. Few people get into relationships simply because they're lonely; being lonely is a good thing. Being lonely helps you figure out things about yourself, getting a better understanding of what you deserve. You're worth more than lonely, bored or being someone's booty call. Or when people just like to date for the holidays. Smh! I rather be alone than be in any kind of temporary relationship. Never be someone's 2nd, the sideline, main or whatever the new words are for not being crap to that one guy. Be his queen, one and only, future wife. These are the things that a "MAN" will see in you. Sometimes we run into the people that just aren't ready, some of us stay but some of us want that serious relationship right away. I have many thoughts about this. For the ones that stay you may feel stupid sometimes and may feel like you're wasting your time but in reality you're taking your time. To see the seriousness in this relationship do things differently you don't have to see each other all the time, you don't have to call, text keep it strictly "Getting to know each other". This is how you don't confuse things and get feelings involved to quickly. Make it a challenge, change it up so the same cycle won't happen again; give that guy/girl a reason to really get to know you mentally. Mind fuck him/her before anything this is how he will be more interested on getting to know you before anything. A challenge is always fun. When I write these things it's only because I've been through them. The crappy relationships, moving to fast, etc. True love comes when it's ready to come. Never force it. It's feel much more genuine when it just happens. Value being single, set your standards high. If  that person doesn't feel like you're worth the chase oh well!  I truly believe There is someone for everybody. I always speak of time. Time is everything, bad timing sucks but when the time is right no one can stop what and who is destined for you. Love.... Love is kind, love is patient!

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