Sunday, March 2, 2014

When You're Finally Free

Wow! Its been awhile. I have so much to write about but I have no clue where to start. So many different things I've been through; through out 2013 till now. Some good, some bad. Out of the many things I've learned though out last year was "Patience". Patience to let things happen on its own, living without any worry because things always seem to come out "OK". I've learned how to be a better mother, friend, mate ETC. So many times we live life worrying about how, what, when and why. In life its best to let things expose itself; that's with everything As in: relationships, friendships, jobs. Let life takes its course with you. Less worry, less stress but more faith and confidence. Most people don't understand that our thoughts determine everything. Instead of wasting time thinking of all the negative things that can happen; fill your thoughts with positive things that WILL happen. Speak all great things into existence. This is where patience come in, we all need to understand that things doesn't happen over night. Let me use me as an example. I've been praying for peace and freedom for 3 years and my prayers were finally answered 2/24/2014. I've also realized a lot of things about people, I realized that people are so afraid of just being themselves because they are so afraid of being judged. At times we are so worried about the wrong things about who's doing what, when and who. All that time and energy put into that can be put into something productive. Its like I've seen people dislike the people that can just keep it real with themselves and there lives; but the only reason they are upset is because they've been sheltered for so long by an image they cant keep up with. When we truly understand why we are here that's when we finally be free and live. When we finally realize the things that ARE important and the things that AREN'T things would make better sense. When WE finally free are corrupted minds things will seem much more understanding! When we are able to work together with NO HATE! we will understand the true meaning of coming together. Last but not least When you're finally FREE you'll see why life is worth living for.

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