Monday, March 24, 2014

What Are You Left With? (The cycle of teaching)

What are you left with when you're so focused on taking care of everyone else but yourself? A lot of times you'll find that one person that does for everyone, the advice giver, the lover, the hand giver, the I'll take the tab don't worry kind of person. I can honestly say I had that kind of person in me. The "Kind one". You hate to see people suffer, cry or be hurt. It's so in you to give, give and give. You wanna nurture everyone so everyone can just be happy with pure peace ; but sometimes you can't be that "Kind" of person all the time. What we have to understand is that we need to nurture, love, and cater to ourselves first. You can't always give and be left with nothing this doesn't mean finically only but in ever aspect. How can someone give you advice but fail to use their own? This is a part of me that I'm working on. A lot of times you like to see people grow but what about your growth, have you ever thought for one second if that person wants to see growth in you? We really have to reevaluate what it's really like to lead the way, if you're leading the way for others where are you taking yourself? Why are you left behind? Like I always say sometimes it's ok to be a bit selfish about yourself, what's wrong with saying no, I'm working on myself so u can't help you right now. In order to to be a great role model you have to remodel yourself first. It's deeper than rap. What are you left with? Educate yourself so you'll be ready to educate the ones that don't know, because what sense will you make if you aren't making any sense? It's ok to give, teach, love and care but it all start with you so you can have a full understanding on why you're genuinely doing it for others. We always say, " When people need me I'm there, but when I need people they aren't. The only reason of this is because the person you're teaching these thing to doesn't know, sometimes people don't know how to give what they get. What I'm trying to say is: to be better; you have to better yourself in order to be the person to help others. so they can help others, it's a cycle of not being left behind. What great feeling is it to have complete peace at the end of the day when you know you've done a great deed for someone knowing if you need them they'll return that favor? It's like tag you're it! I've helped myself to where I am, now let me help you so you can help and educate someone else. Teachers teach to spread knowledge. Preachers preach to spread knowledge. The only reason these people are where they're is only because they had to be taught, so they can teach! Knowledge is the weapon. Before anyone put yourself first, no one wants to be taught by someone that doesn't know. When raising a child you raise your child based on what you know, based on what you've been taught. There is no to be taking care of others when you can't even take care of yourself. There is no classroom filled with a teacher that doesn't know. Why are left behind while others are taking care of themselves? You should always put yourself first!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Have you ever.... Have you ever met someone or had something you just can't let go of? That one thing for me is something real. Have you ever met someone that makes you feel like everything is alright in the midst of things that's going wrong? Have you ever? Have you ever felt like life has no meaning without that one thing or person? Sometimes we fall so hard to get back up again. It's like make up sex in reality. It breaks and you try and rebuild it with all the tools of love, care and affection. Have you ever? Have you ever loved so deep, deeper than the sand that's under sea?  You crave for the same thing; will you ever get it? Will he ever get it? Will she just try and understand? but you're why she just doesn't understand. it's not that he doesn't love you he just never knew how. You drive yourself crazy because all you want is that love and affection, all you want is just a little bit of attention. Have you ever felt like giving up, but giving up would be to easy.. Have you ever thought that one day she'll just throw in the towel?. No! he's saying have you ever thought of being my wife?.. But have you ever thought that was always one of her thoughts? Sometimes we forget to just communicate on how we are feeling, I know went a little deep but my thing is, why not just be open and speak on how you feel? with everyone. We wake up every morning with a new feeling, a new thought, a new soul search. I feel as if; this is where you plan to be make it happen. try not to jeopardize it. Sometimes we say we want something but never have the gut to keep it when we actually have it. We take advantage of the fact that we have it and wet think we may never lose it. Be open minded and understand that people wake up with different thoughts/feelings every day. So when they finally get tired of not getting what they give, they'll eventually leave. Long story short, appreciate what you have when you have it. Everyone wants to be loved the right way. -SB❤️

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Thoughts On What You Be Thinking

Love... That topic comes up a lot. Some people say we don't understand it, some say it comes easy but really it doesn't. Most girls wait for this moment when the other 5% can careless about it. I've always saw myself being in love, successful, married with a lot of beautiful kids. Life took it's own course. sometimes what you dream of isn't the dream God has planned for you. We go through so many relationships trying to figure out what's the problem and why. We tend to date the same type of guys/girls so the pattern still remains. Another thing I realized is that most people stay because of the years they been with that person. Years shouldn't be the reason to remain in an unhealthy relationship, no matter how long you are with that person leave when you are strong enough to leave. The longer you stay the harder it'll be to go. Few people get into relationships simply because they're lonely; being lonely is a good thing. Being lonely helps you figure out things about yourself, getting a better understanding of what you deserve. You're worth more than lonely, bored or being someone's booty call. Or when people just like to date for the holidays. Smh! I rather be alone than be in any kind of temporary relationship. Never be someone's 2nd, the sideline, main or whatever the new words are for not being crap to that one guy. Be his queen, one and only, future wife. These are the things that a "MAN" will see in you. Sometimes we run into the people that just aren't ready, some of us stay but some of us want that serious relationship right away. I have many thoughts about this. For the ones that stay you may feel stupid sometimes and may feel like you're wasting your time but in reality you're taking your time. To see the seriousness in this relationship do things differently you don't have to see each other all the time, you don't have to call, text keep it strictly "Getting to know each other". This is how you don't confuse things and get feelings involved to quickly. Make it a challenge, change it up so the same cycle won't happen again; give that guy/girl a reason to really get to know you mentally. Mind fuck him/her before anything this is how he will be more interested on getting to know you before anything. A challenge is always fun. When I write these things it's only because I've been through them. The crappy relationships, moving to fast, etc. True love comes when it's ready to come. Never force it. It's feel much more genuine when it just happens. Value being single, set your standards high. If  that person doesn't feel like you're worth the chase oh well!  I truly believe There is someone for everybody. I always speak of time. Time is everything, bad timing sucks but when the time is right no one can stop what and who is destined for you. Love.... Love is kind, love is patient!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tunnel Vision (Inner Self)

Hello my readers :) Thanks to my cousin Mariah I've found a great topic to talk about. Tunnel Vision, When you see that light at the end of the tunnel do you walk straight or let the distractions of life distract you? Most of the time we miss out on opportunities for various reasons. We let the simple things distract us from something so much bigger, but that only comes with life's lessons. For example, you are in college; you have a huge test that you have to study for BUT there's a party going on that your friends invited you to, do you go or stay in and study? most of the time we go to that party. LOL! Don't be ashamed. Sometimes its ok to NOT hang with the crowd, or go to the popping parties just so you can get things done on time. Sometimes its ok to be that nerd because you are the light that's at the end of the tunnel. All that you're trying to accomplish is for yourself! Take the time out to find your inner self, take the time out to figure what it is that you need to do to move forward. The many things I can say I learned in the 22 years of living is that everyone has their own light why not shine on your own? why not pick up yourself to do what has to be done? I won't say that it is easy, but when you have the passion about whatever you would like to do in life go hard or go home. Nothing in life is easy so whenever you finish what you've been trying to finish it only feels great, you feel accomplished, you feel as if you can take on any challenge that is thrown at you. Let go of the temporary things that can mess it up for the long term. Work hard now so that later you'll be able to relax. remain focused, strong willed and motivated. I'm going through a similar transition in my life where I had to realize that the fun can wait. I want to start NOW I see the light, I see where I can be. All I have to do is just remain focused and keep my eyes on the prize. I also learned that you have a clearer mind, organized all the things you need to get to where you want to be. Lastly, not everyone needs to know your every move or what you're about to do next, these things you keep private. Everyone doesn't need to know what you're capable of, SURPRISE them. Show and TELL. If anyone asks what you're up to just show them. you'll be looked at like "sheesh she's been on her grind, that's why she/he has been missing." Be that person that nobody EVER  knows what's next with you. Just be great at whatever you do and remember you're trying to get to that light that's at the end of the tunnel.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

When You're Finally Free

Wow! Its been awhile. I have so much to write about but I have no clue where to start. So many different things I've been through; through out 2013 till now. Some good, some bad. Out of the many things I've learned though out last year was "Patience". Patience to let things happen on its own, living without any worry because things always seem to come out "OK". I've learned how to be a better mother, friend, mate ETC. So many times we live life worrying about how, what, when and why. In life its best to let things expose itself; that's with everything As in: relationships, friendships, jobs. Let life takes its course with you. Less worry, less stress but more faith and confidence. Most people don't understand that our thoughts determine everything. Instead of wasting time thinking of all the negative things that can happen; fill your thoughts with positive things that WILL happen. Speak all great things into existence. This is where patience come in, we all need to understand that things doesn't happen over night. Let me use me as an example. I've been praying for peace and freedom for 3 years and my prayers were finally answered 2/24/2014. I've also realized a lot of things about people, I realized that people are so afraid of just being themselves because they are so afraid of being judged. At times we are so worried about the wrong things about who's doing what, when and who. All that time and energy put into that can be put into something productive. Its like I've seen people dislike the people that can just keep it real with themselves and there lives; but the only reason they are upset is because they've been sheltered for so long by an image they cant keep up with. When we truly understand why we are here that's when we finally be free and live. When we finally realize the things that ARE important and the things that AREN'T things would make better sense. When WE finally free are corrupted minds things will seem much more understanding! When we are able to work together with NO HATE! we will understand the true meaning of coming together. Last but not least When you're finally FREE you'll see why life is worth living for.