Sunday, July 13, 2014

What A Life....

The beauty of starting over is you can whenever you want. You can turn your bad habits to good ones. The thing I've realized about myself is that I procrastinate a lot. Don't get me wrong I get things done, just on my time and sometimes that isn't on time. I realized that the older you get the more responsibility, mind you I'm a plus 1 so that doubles the responsibility. I am human, I make stupid decisions /mistakes that can be prevented but they say the smartest people tend to do the dumbest things lol. I'm the type to sit back and observe everyone around me, I observe and I separate. The people that can motivate and push me from the ones that wants to see me down. From time to time we don't really realize the people that are for us and the ones that aren't. It's so hard now a days to trust anyone because everyone is only trying to look out for themselves, keep a mask of purity when in reality they subway dirty, it's time that we be honest with ourselves, understand we will never be perfect, we will mess up, forget, curse, drink, smoke etc. accept that sometimes we lie, no one tells the truth 100% of the time even if it's a white lie. I'm not saying it's ok to stay this way, bettering yourself is only for you. Prove to yourself that not only with age you can grow [mentally]. Everything now a days seems like a competition, I swear I feel like everyone is so afraid of being genuinely them. If no one can accept you then so be it, you'll have people that will. If you're a private person then that's just what you are, but never be private to cover up what you're really doing. We all fall short, the only person you'll ever answer to is He who gave you life. Forgive us/Me -SheSo🌿

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