Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Idk..Maybe..I just might..

Lets be real, let's get to the bottom of the real facts, you do so much but they put on an act. You break your back just to get stabbed in it. You loved, you loved hard, making plans about the future when the future could've start with just one commitment. Ladies please help me, you proved that you're loyal, you do all the things to prove you're patient by accepting the thing you usually wouldn't. You do things out of your comfort zone because of the love you have for that person. Forget the material things, fancy dinners, meeting his friends etc. lets not forget you're sleeping with someone that isn't fully yours, he isn't obligated to stay, there is no strings attached. Ladies, my thing is why act as IF WE ARE in a relationship, doing relationship things but can't put no title on what is "yours" but then again it isn't yours. So I guess it's still ok to be loyal and patient on something that you aren't even sure of. Let's be real, let's state the facts. You feeling him and he's feeling you, that's cool, get to know me I'll get to know you. Friends, strictly friends, I'll say dating. We can talk every now and then, hang out and do things friends do until you BOTH agree to what you guys want past your friendship. The way we mess things up is that we get so caught up and antsy about the new thing we rush into it "physically" and forget what we are trying to build. It's like we are doing things backwards. We forget about the persons character, personality, mindset and how that person is as a person, everything is so out of order now a days that we are simply confused. The new saying " A bond is better than a title" that is the most dumbest quote man could ever come up with. You can bond with just about anyone, that isn't the hard part. Ladies and this goes for guys too, it's like we forgot our worth, a title brings confirmation, a title brings security a title brings perfect sense like a wife to her husband. A boyfriend to his girlfriend. It's YOURS. But we've accept just anything, we are ok with just anything. NO! Listen I understand for some people they just want a "Fun" time or a friend with benefits; a lot of times we speak before we fully understand what we are saying. We sometimes mess ourselves up. No matter how much you like someone you shouldn't settle yourself for them, if this person doesn't understand after many times of what you want then you 2 aren't ON THE SAME PAGE! Some of us stick around hoping things MIGHT(unsure) change, or you don't wanna give up that specific person because you don't wanna see them with anyone else. I completely understand how it feels after you've invested so much time, love, care and your body for this person that you feel completely trapped. It sucks! But people that is no is excuse to be ok and settle. You should want and expect more, if this person cannot provide that at the moment then why suffer? It's best to be apart and GROW, the longer you stay, the more tired you'll get. It's like you spent all your time trying to grow a garden and all your flowers keeps dying. What do you or I have to do to change things so my/your garden of flowers won't die, but blossom beautifully? You'll have to commit to that garden and make "Sure" you're planting the seeds correctly, watering it and making sure it has enough sun. It's a process, Loyalty-----Proven-----Patience-----Proven------ then comes the commitment!!!!!!! if everything is proven what is the wait? If you're dating someone you should only want to grow with them. In Order, but now a days it isn't like that. Let's do everything first then maybe I might.... -SB💕

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