Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's Enjoy The Now

So many thoughts, dreams and visions but how do I explain it all? It's like I'm riding the waves. I sit in silence pondering on the years I left behind, then I ponder on the years to come but never have I ever thought to enjoy the now. A lot of times we are so wrapped up in worry and regret. We worry about what's going to happen or what is next. If we aren't worrying we are sulking in regret, regretting what we didn't do and what if we would've done that how different things and life would be. We tend to let things we cannot control, control us that we forget about life the great things that are in front of us even if it's big or small. One of my biggest issues were worrying, I worried so much it made me sick, I worried about every little thing and this use to bring stress into my life. People don't realize we can make up our own stress when in reality you have nothing to stress about. I finally sat down and told myself that I have to enjoy life in the now and to let life take its own course, let tomorrow worry about itself(says in the bible). Waking up every day is a blessing alone. I know most are probably going through things that are taking a toll on them but one thing I realize is that you cannot let your problems determine your attitude on life, once you realize that you'll start to think and speak positive and when you start to speak positive things over your life you'll start to see a change. This is real and true. So DO NOT live in regret or worry live in your NOW see the beauty in your today so the rest of your days will look the exact same(beautiful) be positive, love yourself, believe in yourself, love others and love life....... Love, Sabine

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