Tuesday, January 1, 2013


HAPPY NEW YEAR! it's a new  year, I am so excited about this year. It feels like a fresh start, a new beginning. Like a new book with an interesting cover, you're so anxious to read what it is about. I don't know about you all but I wanna do things very differently this year, surround myself around people that will push me while pushing themselves, Keep all things i'm doing between God and I, keep my faith at a level 10. Another thing I would like to do is start planning my business and by the end of the year or before that it'll be up and running. Let this year be an accomplishing year for you, don't give up your goals just because you feel as if it may take to long, or you don't have enough money ETC. Let this year be a year with no excuses. An area I would like to focus more in my life this year is making ME happy, putting me first, sticking and being loyal to the people that deserves my loyalty and trust. I realized that even if I am a loyal person and I try to put my trust in people that not everyone deserves it because they'll take that; use it and you. Started this year without my mother is very hard but I know she has no worries about me, and I know she's fine where she's at. 2013 and many years after that to come can be great or horrible for you, but it's your choice. Some of us makes life so hard when it can be very simple. God has written our lives out way before our time, But with our rebellious and sinful ways we take different routes to experience some of the things that shouldn't even happened, But I guess things does happen for a reason so it can be a lesson. Lets not make stupid mistakes and use "that things happen for a reason" as an excuse because many things can and could of been prevented. Lets do better, support and genuinely love each other. Life would be much better when you have nothing but positive people around you, Keep these people around because they can only motivate and push you to go further. God is good, stay in prayer!

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