Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Life Brings You Unexpected BS!

BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Tell whatever it is save it, because you are on a move. The unnecessary drama, dealing with that bitter boss, or whatever it is that stops you or stresses you out. We as people tend to focus on what doesn't matter in life all the time. Like what people think of us, say about us when that should be irrelevant to the human mind. How can you possibly move on in life thinking what is this person saying about me? or how does this person feels about me? SO WHAT! where does that take you? I also witnessed that on a celebrities Instagram, they never respond to the positive but always put what the negative person has to say on blast. Listen that doesn't make you look good it only shows that you have to much time on your hand to spot out what a negative "FAN" has to say. You are only giving that person the relevance they don't deserve. Positive comments should always outweigh and motivate you to continue to get more great people on your side to push you. Say if you dealing with a horrible boss and at the moment this job has blessed you in ways you can't imagine, Don't let that boss stray you away from your blessing, You asked God for a job and he gave you one, He didn't say having that job will make everything great and dandy there is a little something you're going have to deal with, let me see if you can deal with this situation with a humble heart. Don't fuss nor curse your boss out because that only shows even after your prayed and received what you prayed for, you didn't trust God to handle the little problems you're having in that work place, relationship, school or whatever challenge it is. Everything huge or even little situation in life is a test. God moves in silence we may not see what he's doing but he's working in our favor every hour, minute and second. Sometimes we lose hope, faith and patience but that's all we need to get by in life. That's my lesson learn in life and I hope it's yours. When life brings you BS ignore it, step all over it because you are trying to keep it moving with a POSITIVE mindset!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

How Do You Know It's Love?

How do you know it's love? when it doesn't have to be questioned. Love is something that can not be explained even if you tried to explain it. We all have our own thinking about what love is but it is unconditional and real. When a person has your attention and you can't stray from that. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out if this is it because you don't wanna be unsure when you're really sure. Sometimes we are mistaken when we fall for someone are you really in love with that person or what that person does? are you infatuated by their ways or simply them? loving someone is loving them whole, all together. When you realize you have fallen into loving that person you're falling in love with everything. I sometimes see that girls and guys fall in love with appearance before they even get to know the person so they call that love at first sight. Many don't believe in that but you know what I think? I think it's a mental thing, when you see someone attractive the first thing you think to yourself is I want that person and i'm going to get them. That isn't love, love is when you know the person in and out and love them without a care in the world. Falling in love with someone that wants the best for you, treats you as you are suppose to be treated. Usually I see that people are desperately to find love that they'll give their love to just anyone when that shouldn't even be the case. Love is patient, waiting for the right love is the best thing to do, while you're waiting your turn have fun and mingle. Forcing love is like forcing a new born to walk it's just not going to work. When you finally find your match you'll tell the big difference from forcing and letting things just happen. Love doesn't have to be forced when it's real. Love doesn't have to be advertised because when others just see you two in public the love would be obvious. This thing called love is real, I really dislike when people say *fuck love* but why Fuck it? don't let your past heartbreaks ruin the true meaning of love, that you have to bash it. Love didn't do anything, you simply let your heart love the wrong person. Remember heartbreaks are suppose to be lessons learned. Like I always say mature yourself mentally and emotionally so you when the real thing does come you wouldn't have to miss out on it.